How To Apply For a Job [In 5+ Easy Steps]

Perfectly HowToWikii How To Apply For a Job [In 5+ Easy Steps]

Applying for a job is one such task which makes even the experienced of us nervous. So here we have provided you with a complete guide on applying for a job online and more such useful tips.

Applying for a job is like shooting an arrow in the dark, you never know the result, no matter how good you think your application is. You must have gone through the tedious process of preparing cover letters and submitting them to the companies, only to be met by silence and empty mailbox! This can be frustrating and nerve-wracking at times. But worry not, we have provided here you with this guide on how you can apply for a job in simple and easy steps. So following these systematic steps, the process of applying for a job will be a much easier process and hopefully, you will be able to get an appointment letter.

But first, let us understand what is exactly the job application process and what are documents which you need to have to place while doing so.

What is Job Application

Job application is nothing but the set of official documents which must be prepared by each applicant while they apply for a job. These standard documents are asked by every employer, irrespective of the position or field for which you are applying. It can be said to be a form which every applicant must fill. It generally consists of details such motivation for applying in a particular company, educational background, employment history, etc.

So, irrespective of the nature of job, position or company you are applying to, your job application must contain certain documents. These are your cover letter, resume, list of references, or any other documents which will enable your hiring managers to get an idea about your potential of work and whether you fit the bill for the job. If you are applying for a job where you need to provide a sample of your work, you also need to provide them with your portfolio. In most of the situations, a job application is submitted to apply for a particular job posting which is posted with a job description.

After you submit your job application, the next procedure might be a scheduled interview or completion of an assignment. So before that, let’s know how we can perfect our job application and get to the next stage.

Steps To Apply For Any Job 

While applying for a job, most of us work very hard to create the perfect job application by going through a lot of literature that is available online. But most of us focus on the actual job application part and don’t pay heed to the steps which must be followed before and after the job application process. So for a successful job application, you must focus on the whole process and follow each procedure step-by-step.

Here we have decoded the procedure for applying for any job online in step-by-step procedure so that the chances of your getting selected increases:

Step 1– Search For Jobs Online

More and more people are resorting to the internet to search for their ideal jobs. There are a lot of online job portals such as Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, etc. which have some of the best companies hiring for jobs.

There are also some other ways through which you ca search for jobs online. If there is a specific company in which you want to apply to, you must visit their “Jobs” section on their website. Also, if you any friend or a known person who is working in the company, you can ask them if there are any vacant positions related to your job profile in the company which haven’t been posted yet.

Step 2–Research the Companies

Now comes the important part of researching the companies where you want to apply. There are many ways through which you can find out the information about the company. The best way is to start from the basics, by finding what the company does, where is their head office, what is their size, etc. Online job portals like LinkedIn, Monster, etc. can make finding this preliminary information easier for you and save lots of your time.

Another important source through which you can find more about the company is through the people you know. You can ask them to set an interview with someone you know in the company or even someone you don’t know. If you have an acquaintance within the company, you can coordinate with them to schedule time for an interview. You can also take this opportunity to ask them pertinent questions like life at the company, and even if there are would be any vacancies that would be a good fit for you.

The situation might arise that you have applied to a company which was in crisis recently or in the news for the wrong reasons. In such situations, you can do a bit of research about the company by going through the news articles they were featured in.

Finally, another great way to know about a company is through the reviews which the former employees of the company leave in online job portals like Monster, Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc.

Step 3– Get Your Resume Ready

If you are applying for a job for the first time, then you will have to prepare your resume. But if you already have applied to jobs earlier, you need to update it before you apply for a job. While there might be tons of literature on the internet about creating the perfect resume, we have cleared the clutter and explain to you here the few basics which you must adhere to while preparing your resume.

  • First, in this increasingly digitized world, everything is preferred online. Hence even employers prefer to receive the resume through emails in digital-friendly format. Hence you can ditch the printer-friendly version of your resume. You can instead try using resume templates which are easy to use and will surely make it stand out in the eyes of your hiring manager. The more efficient way of preparing your resume is to add hyperlink related text regarding your past achievements or press coverage of your past work.
  • If you have out your resume online., then thee are application tracking systems, which can track your resume using some keywords. Hence you must include the main keywords throughout your resume at least 2-3 times.

Step 4–Prepare Cover Letter

A cover letter is a great opportunity for you to speak in brief regarding your skills, traits, experiences, etc. on your resume. While you can tweak a few areas in your resume to customize it according to a certain job position, the same cannot be done with a cover letter. They are much more specifically related to the job. Have a look at the job description of the company, before preparing your cover letter so that you can match what you say and what the company is looking for.

Also, remember that not every job application requires a cover letter, so you can skip the process and save your time in case you are applying for such a company.

Step 5–Mention Your References

Now that you have made your resume, it is time to focus on some strong references. References may be your past employers who can speak about your professional abilities.

Before applying to places, you can take out some time to speak to two or three references who you are confident will speak positively about your performance. Generally, companies prefer you to have only two to three references, but to be on the safer side, you could speak to five or six.

Step 6– Submit Your Application

Now comes the ultimate and the most crucial stage of submitting your job application. While you might have an option to submit it in person or through the mail, submitting it online is the best option. You can register yourself and upload your resume on job portals like Indeed, Monster, etc. and easily apply for the jobs you want.

There might be some companies which will ask you to upload your resume on their sites. You might also be required to manually enter the information you have entered in your resume.

Still, other companies might ask you to mail your resume to the recruiter’s email id they have provided. Put some thought in such emails and you can thank the recruiter for providing you with the opportunity.

Step 7– Follow Up Your Application

Now that have applied for your job, you can’t sit back and relax! If the employer immediately offers you for an interview, then it is great! You can skip this step. However, in most of the situations, it might take weeks, even months, to hear back from the employer.

  • If you haven’t heard for about a week, in case you have the email if the recruiter, write a quick email asking about the status of your application. This will highlight your interest in the role.
  • If another week passes by, a short one-two paragraph mail indicating your genuine interest in the position could be written inquiring about the next steps.

How To Apply For a Job Through Email

Does the company you are applying to ask you to mail your resume? Great! So you have created a compelling resume and cover letter and hit the send button. But what if two weeks go by and you don’t get any reply? Your mail might just be lying there in the inbox of the employer. Why is it so, you wonder? Because you don’t know how to mail your resume the right way.

Here we are going to provide you with some tips on how you can apply for a job through email:

  • Add a bit of personal touch- it will show your persistence. It will motivate the hiring manager to take an interest in your resume and prioritize reviewing it.
  • Avoid Application Tracking Software (ATS) test

In today’s tech-savvy world, most of the applications are screened through the ATS and never make it to the human reader. Sending your resume through email to your employer will ensure that your return will reach your hiring manager which means more attention to your resume.

Here are some tips which you can use while writing an effective email :

  • Keep your subject line short and to-the-point.
  • Address the hiring manager by name
  • Your introductory paragraph must cover who you are and why you are writing the email.
  • The second paragraph should consist of how you can prove to be an asset to the company.
  • Close the email by saying that you are eager to meet them in person.
  • Add a professional signature at the end.
  • Attach your resume and cover letter in PDF format.

Simple Job Application Email

Sending your job application through email might seem easy, but it requires you to put your thinking caps in while doing so! Keep in mind the professional etiquette while writing your email resume. Here we have provided you with a few samples which will help you to write a compelling job application email in brief:

Sample 1–

Dear [Name of Employer],

I just came across the job offer you advertised in recently regarding the Claims Adjuster Position. I am very keen and interested to apply for the above-mentioned position. My qualifications and experience fit in the job almost exactly as you mentioned in the job description.

Please take a moment to review my Application Documents which I have attached below:

  • Up-To-Date Resume
  • Customized Cover Letter

It would be a pleasure if I could hear back from you soon and discuss this wonderful opportunity!

[your first name, phone numbers you want to get contacted]

Sample 2–


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