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Download Printable April 2020 Calendar |PDF, Excel, Word

Before starting your month, you must have a monthly calendar in hand in order to organize and keep your schedule in place. So here we bring you April 2020 calendar in HD quality.

These monthly planners have all the sections designed beforehand so that you need to just enter the details in them to create your planner. So you can easily save your time and efforts by using these calendars. By saving time using these templates, you can utilise your productive time in doing other important activities. These calendars are available in various designs and layouts so you can get the exact template which you require to create your schedule.

The monthly templates are useful since you can use these to plan your activities for the whole month. The pre-formatted sections we have provided here can be used to plan your personal or professional goals for the month. So you can schedule all your monthly engagements and appointments using these calendars. Since you would require calendar for various purposes, we have provided you with the blank calendar templates, holiday templates, PDF and Word format templates and much more.

Want to plan ahead for the rest of the year too? Then maybe you would find our other templates too:

Now, let us know some interesting facts about the month of April

History of the Month of April

April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, and the fifth in the early Julian calendar. The month derives its name from the Latin word Aprilis, which was given to it by the Romans.

The season is associated with Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, with the blossoming of the flowers and trees in nature.

So now we shall provide you here with the different templates of the April 2020 calendar. If you can’t decide which template would be more suitable to you or want to know more about its uses, you can read on the article below.

As you know, the templates we have provided here are one-month templates. And there is a practical reason for using one-month templates. Why is it so? Because it is much easier for us to plan ahead for the month, rather than two or three months at once. It becomes easier for us to think about our goals clearly for the month ahead, and we become sure about what we need to achieve on the personal and professional fronts.

For your convenience, we have provided you with the templates here in PNG, PDF, Word and Excel formats, which is all that you would require for all your planning activities.

What Are The Formats of The Calendar?

Now let us understand the uses of these formats here:

PNG Format: This is the simple PNG image file of the calendar. If you want to use this calendar as a reference or save it in your device then this is the ideal option for you.

PDF Format: This format is practically suitable for all purposes of planning and scheduling. So you can just print it or download it and save it in your device. This format can practically be used anywhere since it is compatible with most of the devices. It can also be converted into other formats easily using online editing tools. This is the perfect format if you are looking for a template for creating your office schedule or planner. It can be created easily and protected since it cannot be edited once it has been created.

Word Format: This format is those who require a simple and easy to maintain schedule and keep track of all their activities. Once you download the Word Doc format from here, you can edit it as per your preference in the MS Word or Doc. This way, you can easily add the entries in the calendar related to your schedule.

Excel Format: This is another format which is ideal for creating the planner or schedule for the office. The Excel sheets are widely used in the corporate sector for creating spreadsheets, office schedules, etc. So once you download these templates, you would be able to use it as your daily planner at your workplace. You can even share it with your office group to share with them the monthly meetings or agenda schedule.

How To Download These Templates?

Here we shall explain to you the steps to download the various versions of the calendars we have provided here in a few easy steps.

To Download PNG File:

1. For Mobile Devices:

  1. Tap and long press over the calendar template image which you want to download.
  2. Then tap on the option “Save Image Option”.
  3. Your image will start and saved in the “Downloads” folder by default. You can change it anytime by saving it in your desired folder.

2. For Desktop Devices:

  1. Right-click over the image you want to download and select the option “Save As”.
  2. Your image will now start downloading. It will be saved in the “Downloads” folder by default. But you can change it by saving it in your desired folder with the desired name.

To Download PDF File:

To download the PDF file, just select the image you want to download. Then click on the PDF download button provided below it. That’s it! The PDF file will start downloading. You can later access it from the “Downloads” section and view and edit it using any of the PDF applications available online.

To Download Word File:

The procedure for downloading the Word file is really simple. You just need to select the calendar template which you need to download and click on the Download button provided below it. The image will start downloading immediately and will open in a Word file. You can edit it according to your preference and find it in the “Downloads” section of your device.

Free April 2020 Printable Calendar in Word and PDF

April  2020 Calendar            April 2020 Printable Calendar        April 2020 Blank Calendar 

               PDF | Word                               PDF | Word                  PDF| Word

April  2020 Calendar   April 2020 Printable Calendar   April 2020 Blank Calendar 


April 2020 Calendar Word                     April Calendar 2020         April 2020 Calendar With Holidays  

     PDF | Word                                            PDF| Word                         PDF | Word                                

  April 2020 Calendar Word     April Calendar 2020    April 2020 Calendar With Holidays  


April 2020 Calendar Word 

PDF | Word | Excel

April 2020 Calendar Word 



These simple calendar templates are in fact very useful and can be formatted in any way you like. We have provided here with many templates so you can pick any template you want and edit it as much as you want. If you have any questions or comments regarding these templates, please let us know in the comments section below.

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