Way To Write Business Letter with Example [Sample & Format ]

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We all have written or come across business letters in our daily lives. So through this article, we will be guiding you on business letter format and provide you with some business letter templates for your reference. It is a formal letter written for communication between one company to another or between individuals as well.

If you are working in the corporate sector, you must be familiar with the business letters and must be required to write them on a daily basis. Some of the commonly written business letter in the corporate sector are inquiry letter, offer letter, order letter, termination of employment letter, etc.

A business letter might be needed to be written by an individual too if he wants to write letters for various official purposes, such as job application letters, cover letters, etc. So these letters are necessary to carry out the daily operations of the company smoothly, whether test home of office. 

So here for your understanding, we have provided you with businesses letter templates which will help you write an official communication on behalf of your business or for any other official purpose. We have also provided you with a how-to guide regarding the structure, format, opening, closing, etc. of a business letter to enable you to an effective business letter.

Sample Of Business Letter Format 

business letter 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

A business letter format is used for official communication between companies, or for any official correspondence between individuals. So it must be written in a proper format and structure following the standard guidelines. Since there are various situations for which a business letter might be written, hence every type of business letter has a different format and structure.

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So here we shall be sharing with you some basic points which you must keep in mind while writing any business letter :

  • Format: Since you are writing a formal letter, the standard format is preferred. Use the fonts Times New Roman in size 11. If possible, use your company’s letterhead.
  • Keep 1-inch margin on all the sides
  • An 8.5″ by 11″ sheet or an A4 size sheet must be preferably used.

The other important details which must be included are :

  • Company information: it is important for the receiver to know who is the sender of the mail or letter. Make sure to include the vital details, such as company name, address, etc. It is better if you use your company’s letterhead to write business letters.
  • Date: it should be placed at the top, right, left or justified. You can choose any format for writing the date, but the full format is preferred.
  • Recipient’s Information: Include all the necessary details regarding the recipient, such as the recipient’s name, address, designation, company, etc.
  • Salutation: A general salutation, like “Dear Mr./Ms. (Full Name) can be used. But in case you are writing to the recipient for the first time, and do not know him or her personally, then you can write the recipient’s full name, i.e., “Dear (Full Name). Try not to use any impersonal salutations.

So to help you understand the proper structure of a business letter, we have provided you here with a template which you can download and print. It is easily editable so you can add any details suitable to your businesses requirements.

Business Letter Template With Example

business letter 1 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

Like any other letter, a formal letter has four parts, i.e., Opening, Introduction, Main Body and Closing. The compelling letter is one which is written in the above format, and the contents of the format organically follow the structure. For making a strong point through your cover letter and compelling the reader to take an action, the opening and closing of your letter must be gripping and captivating. 

Here we shall provide you with some expressions and sentences used while writing a professional letter. These expressions can be used for a business apology letter.W Take help of these while writing your own professional letter


  • We at XYZ company strive to deliver our customers with high quality of products and services and aim to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Unfortunately, due to an office relocation, the complaint which you registered with us slipped through our process and we were unable to solve it.


We will try that this problem does not continue for long. We will be providing wide training sessions, create more specialized internal teams, etc.

Now let me get straight to explaining to you how to write a professional formal letter for different purposes.

How To Write Business Letter 

Business Letter Heading 

This is the subject line of your letter. The heading forms an integral part of a letter since it the first thing that catches the readers attention. So the heading must be concise and to the point.

Business Letter Format Spacing 

Since it is an official letter, special care must be taken regarding the format including spacing of the letter. You should leave at least 1″ margin on all the sides of your letter. This will help you provide a neat and uncluttered look while giving it a professional feel.

Business Letter Salutation

You can use general salutation, such as “Dear Mr.(Full Name)”. If you are unsure of the recipient’s name, you can address them by their title, i.e., “Dear Executive Marketing”. If you are unsure about the recipient and do not know their name, gender, and title, you can simply address them using “To Whomsoever It May Concern”.

Business Letter Structure

As you know, a formal letter must follow a proper structure in order to make it look professional and impactful. So knowing the structure of a formal letter is a must. Here we have provided the structure of a formal cover letter. It must be followed in the provided order while writing a formal cover letter.

  • [Sender’s Information] Sender’s Name, Sender’s Company Name, Sender’s Street Address, Postal Code, etc.
  • Date
  • [Receipient’s Information] Receipient’s Name, Receipient’s Company Name, Receipient’s Street Address, Postal Code, etc.
  • Introduction
  • Middle Section
  • Conclusion

Now let us explain to you about the different kinds of business letters which are used in the corporate sector. Along with a brief explanation, we shall also provide you with some example templates which will help you understand them better.

Business Letter For Complaint 

This letter is written by customers to businesses when they are not satisfied with their services or have suffered financial or other losses due to their negligence.

Business Letter of Invitation

This letter is written by a company to individuals who they want to host for a particular event. These visitors might be potential investors, business partners, employees, prominent leaders, etc.

Business Letter of Apology

Apology Letter For Business 1 2 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

Business Apology Letter 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

This formal letter is written in situations when a business wants to make an apology to its customers to other business. It is always recommended to write an apology letter to your customers in order to maintain your goodwill and reputation.

Business Letter of Intent

Sample Letters of Intent 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

A letter of intent is frequently used in the corporate sector to convey intent to the recipient and to make a proposal to another party. Some of the intention or motive for which these letters might be written are purchases, mergers, acquisitions, etc.

Business Letter of Recommendation

Business recommendation Letter Format 3 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

Business recommendation Letter Format 4 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

A letter of recommendation is perhaps one of the most important business letters. It is provided on behalf of a client, vendor, or other business associates. It can be used to verify the quality of the contract company’s work to another client.

Business Letter of Request

Bank Loan Request Letter 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

A request letter might be written by an individual or a business to a higher authority to take an action or ask the approval for something.

Business Letter of Introduction

This letter is used by businesses to introduce themselves to a new client. It is a great way of telling your client about your company and what it deals with and creates a great first impression upon them.

Business Letter Example For a Company

Email Business Contract Termination 1 HowToWikii Way To Write Business Letter with Example  [Sample & Format ]

So today we have provided you with many examples and varieties of business letter templates which are generally used in day-to-day communication in the corporate sector. If you work in a business, it is very important for you to know how to write a strong official letter with proper structure.

So here for your reference, we have provided you with a business letter sample of a company in PDF format. You can access it from here for free and make changes as per the requirements of your business.

Through this article, we tried to explain to you about the structure of a formal letter and how you can write a compelling formal cover letter. If you want to know more or have any queries, please feel free to contact us by dropping in a comment below, and we will surely get to you within 24 hours.

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