7+ Free Family Tree Template [PDF, Excel, Word & Doc]

family tree template is a chart which can be used to represent the genealogical relationships between the members of a family. This is usually made to trace the ancestry or the pedigree of members of a family. The more detailed family charts are studied by sociologists to conduct genealogical research in great depth. So if you are looking for a template to explain your family history to your child, or just want to track down your family ancestry, then you can pick from the variety of family history charts that we have provided here.

Family Tree Printable

A family tree is very important to trace back the ancestry of a family. It is also known as the pedigree chart and is used to depict the relationship between different family members throughout the generations in an organized manner. The genealogical data can be used by many persons, such as social scientists to understand family systems in a particular race or caste. Typically what the scientists use is a more detailed and complex structure of the family tree. For tracing back the ancestry and understanding the genealogical relationships, an ancestry chart can be used which usually represents the oldest generations at the top and the youngest generations at the bottom.

Here we shall provide you with various formats of the family tree template which you can use for understanding the inter-generational relationship withing your family or explaining about your family to your children.

Family Tree Template Sample with Examples

Explaining your family history to your kids can be a difficult task, especially when you have to have to educate them about the genealogy and how the ancestors are linked to them. If you are a parent to pre-school kids or older kids, these templates are effective to teach the kids about their previous generations in a fun way. So you can choose any template from here and modify it according to the requirements of your child. These templates can be used by students of all ages and even adults. So while choosing templates for younger kids, you can select a template with attractive designs and limit the family tree to just two or three generations.

Family Tree Template For Kids

Family Tree Template For Kids


Your kid might be curious to know about his or her family history. Or he might have got a project at school to make a family tree chart. In either way, it is very important for him or her to understand the history of the family and how the members are linked to each other.

Family Tree Template With Siblings

Family Tree Template With Siblings


Most of us have extended families with many siblings in the family. These include our actual sibling as well as our cousins from the paternal side and the maternal side. So if you are looking for a family tree to accommodate all the siblings in the family tree, or want to explain to your kids about their siblings and the relation they share with them, a family tree is the easiest way. This family tree shall cover more than two generations, so it will a fun way to explain to your kids about family relations. What you see here is the printable family tree template, which means you can easily print it in the PDF, Word or Excel format.

Here we have provided you with the template in PDF, Excel and Word files. So you can easily print them out in A4 size or any size which you require.

Family Tree Template With Siblings Aunts Uncles Cousins

Family Tree Template With Siblings Aunts Uncles Cousins


If you are looking for a complete family tree which shall link all the generations of the family along with the family members, then this family tree is ideal for you. The family tree template which we have provided you here extended branches which shall help you to accommodate your cousins from both the paternal and maternal sides of the family. The best part about this template is that you can print it easily and write down the names of the family members in a systematic manner portraying the names of the members of the family from both paternal and maternal sides. Hence if you want to display your family tree portraying all your siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. in a systematic way, you can use this template. These templates can also be useful for your kid’s school project, or if you want to explain to him or her about their cousins from the maternal and paternal sides. The best part about these templates is that these can be printed within a few seconds and can be edited as per choice.

For 3 Generation

Family Tree For 3 Generation


Ideally, if you want to explain to your kids about your family history, then you must begin by explaining up to three generations. Kids often show curiosity about knowing about their family history of both their paternal and maternal sides. This is a good sign as they are curious to know about their family background at a young age. As a parent, it might be tricky for you to explain about the family’s history in an interesting and informative manner at the same time. A family tree can be a really useful tool to explain the generations of the family on both sides. To begin with, you can create a family tree up to three generations. So through this family tree, you can explain to your kids about your family background, history, link between generations and much more.

Even you can use this family tree to showcase your family history and ancestry in a fun and accurate manner. So you can download it and add your own colours or designs to make it look more attractive to take a print out and display it in your room. So this family tree shall be useful for all and it will allow your family members and others to know more about your family.

For 4 Generation

Family Tree For 4 Generation


This is a more detailed version of the family tree which can be used to portray the link between four generations of your family. So you can mark up to four generations in this family tree, with the current generation at the bottom, and parents, grandparents, great grandparents being at the top of the family tree. If your kids are showing interest in knowing about your family then this is a great tool in your hand to explain to them about the different generations of the family.

For 5 Generation

Family Tree For 5 generations



The best part about family tree template is that you can choose a template which can show your family history up to any number of generations that you want. This will surely increase the interest of your family members and will provide them with the right knowledge about their family. To help you create your own family tree and provide a good grasp of knowledge to your children, we have provided you here with the family tree to accommodate five generations.

For 7 Generation

Family Tree 7 Generations




This template shall allow you to explain about your family for seven generations. Hence this will help your children learn about your family background and ancestry up to seven generations. Hence this will allow them to learn about the family’s history, legacy and all the relatives from paternal and maternal sides. These templates have sufficient space in them so you can easily note down the details about your family members. So you can download this template in A4 size or any size and paste it in your room or your kid’s room and write down all the details accordingly.

For 8 Generation 

8th HowToWikii 7+ Free Family Tree Template [PDF, Excel, Word & Doc]


You might be curious to trace down your family’s background and origins. This template shall help you to know more about your family history up to eight generations. You can also explain yoru kids about their grandparents, great grandparents, siblings up to eight generations. If you are a teacher, this template can be useful for you to help the students learn about their family history, background and other details. This template has a lot of space to enter all the details about your family members so you can easily create your family tree in a proper manner. All you need to do is take a printout of the template and jot down the details to create your family tree in a neat and organized manner.

For 10 Generation 

Here we have provided you with different varieties of family tree templates with attractive designs and colourful artwork. This template has space to accommodate family history up to ten generations. Besides adding the name fo your parents and grandparents, it also allows you to add the name of your siblings and cousins. These templates are print-friendly so you can easily take printout of these templates and paste it in your rooms. What’s more, these family tree template online are absolutely free of cost and can be edited as per your choice.

With Pictures Template

Family Tree With Picture Template


You must be looking for a complete family tree template which allows you to add pictures of the family members along with their names. So along with knowing the names of their great grandparents and the other generations, your children can also know about how they looked. These have different slots for pasting photographs of each member in the generations of the family. So it makes the family tree look more presentable and attractive. So you can pick up your favourite tree design and write down the names of the family members and past their pictures beside it. It is the best way to make your children learn about their family history from both the paternal and maternal sides and appreciate the contribution of their family members.

Family Tree Chart Template

Family Tree Chart Template


A chart enables you to track down your family’s history using a sequential arrangement of the family members linking the generation of the family together and showing the inter-relationship between the different family members within each generation. It helps to clearly portray the blood ties and affinal ties so that you can learn about them over time. You can also have fun with your family while making these charts, remembering some special moments or telling each other about some interesting facts about the family.

Most of us prefer simple family tree templates since it will make it easier for you to understand the family’s genealogy to your kids. These templates can be always handy since these can be accessed from anywhere and carried anywhere since they require only a sheet to print. So if you are looking for a template which will allow you to cover more generations of your family, you can consider this template. This template will allow you to write down the names of your family members and add pictures along with them for both the sides of the family.

Children’s Family Tree Template

Children's Family Tree Template



This template is a very helpful tool to provide all the necessary information to your child regarding your family and all the relations. If your child has got a school project to create a family tree then these ready-made templates can be very useful to complete them. So using these templates yoru kids can note down the family members name in them and portray the family members lineage from both sides. These templates are very easy to use so your kids can easily make their project sand learn about their family ancestry in an interesting way. So if you have any such requirement you can download and print these templates any time and help your kids with their project work.

Extended Family Tree Diagram

7 1 HowToWikii 7+ Free Family Tree Template [PDF, Excel, Word & Doc]


Our family history goes a long way and in many cases, the elders do not get time or the opportunity to explain in detail about your family history and about the inter-relationships between the family members from both the sides. As more and more members are added to the family, the family extends. To portray this, you can draw more branches to portray the extended family, which shows uncles, aunts, their children, etc. It also includes relations made through marriage, like son-in-law, daughter-in-law, stepbrothers or sisters, etc. So this template can accommodate the information about close as well as distant relatives from the paternal and maternal side. Looking at this family tree would help you and everyone in your family to clear any confusion regarding the blood ties as well as marriage ties.

Great Aunt Family Tree

There are different types of family trees which can be used to portray different degrees of generations in the family. This particular family tree diagram shall help you to portray the family of your great aunt and link the family members to the generations. The great aunt comes in the same generation as your great grandfather or great grandmother. Knowing about your great aunt or uncle can be a great way to know about your family history and appreciate their achievements or the hardships they faced to make the family grow and prosper.

Often kids don’t want to learn about their family history or forget it since they are taught in an uninteresting and a dull way. Using these templates, you can add drawings or colour to these to make learning for the kids more interesting so that they can learn about their great aunt’s family.

Animated Family Tree

4 HowToWikii 7+ Free Family Tree Template [PDF, Excel, Word & Doc]


As you know family tree templates are for people of all age groups so if you want to select a template for your kids then it must be fun and interesting. This template which we have provided here provides an animated effect to the template using colourful pictures and art. Kods like colors and animations so this is a great way to teach them about their family history at a young age. These can also be used in schools for making kids learn about their family in a fun and interactive manner.


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