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4+ Free Printable Blank Fax Cover Sheet Template

Fax Cover Letter:- If you are working in the corporate sector, then there might have been many situations where you would have been required to send or receive a fax. So through this article, we shall explain you in easy steps how to make fax cover sheet and provide you with some useful fax cover templates which will help you create your own cover sheet within minutes.

If you don’t know what is a fax cover sheet, then let me explain it to you in brief. It is a like a cover page which is attached at the beginning of any fax document. It contains vital details such as the name of sender and receiver, fax number of the sender and the receiver, an address of the sender and the receiver, etc. If you are also interested in knowing about the various ways of sending a fax, you can read our article made available here.

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So the purpose for which a cover sheet is prepared is to provide the receiver about the contact details of the sender and give him an idea about the contents of the document. Hence although there is no standard format which needs to be followed while creating a fax cover, it is recommended to follow a standard format while designing a cover sheet. So whether you are creating a sheet for any purpose, you must ensure to write the details in the following order :

  • The date on which you are going to send the fax
  • The name of the recipient company or the individual
  • The name of your own company or your own name
  • The contact details of the sender as well the receiver
  • The quantity of pages of the attached documents, so that the receiver has an idea about the length of the document
  • A blank space at the end, so that the sender can include any relevant information if required.

So if you want to know more about how to write your own fax cover sheet and its proper format, then you can read on the full post below. Here we have also provided you with some useful templates of a cover sheet for various purposes. So from these, you can have how to design fax sheet template for various purposes and design a template for your own business.

How To Write Fax Cover Sheet For Different Purpose 

As you know, a fax cover sheet can be used for various purposes. So here we have explained to you the different types of sheets and provided some templates to explain them to you better.

1) Personal Fax Cover Sheet

Personal Fax Cover Sheet


A personal fax cover sheet, as the name suggests, maybe written by individuals for personal purposes. It is mostly used to send a fax for individual or personal purposes and is quite different from the professional cover sheet format. It allows you to add your personal touch to your free fax cover sheet and make it look attractive to the receiver.

In some situations, you might want to send a personal cover sheet, but still, want to design it in a professional format. In such situations, you can use the simple cover sheet template which allows you to systematically provide all the information in a neat and organized manner.

So to help you design an effective personal cover sheet, we have provided you here with a personal cover sheet template which you can download and print from here. You can use this template as a reference to design your own sheet. This can also be edited to make your own sheet and use it the next time you want to send personal fax to someone.

2) Professional Fax Cover Sheet

Professional Fax Cover Sheet


A professional cover sheet template is a fax cover template which provides a professional look to your fax cover sheet. If you have a business of your own or work in the corporate sector, there might be many situations where you might be required to send a professional cover sheet template.

So first let me explain to you the different examples of a professional sheet. The most commonly used templates for a professional cover sheet are limousine sheet, pushpin cover sheet, confidential cover sheet, etc.

Here we have provided you with an example of a professional sheet to provide you with an inspiration to write your own cover sheet. These are provided in a downloadable and printable format, so you can edit them according to your choice and use them directly to design your own professional template.

3) Confidential Fax Cover Sheet

Confidential Fax Cover Sheet


As the name suggests, a confidential fax cover sheet is a kind of cover sheet used to send documents confidential or private in nature. It is mostly used for official communication between businesses for sharing sensitive and private data. But it can also be used for individual purposes, as in communication between a professional and his client. So it can be used by doctors, lawyers, etc. to share sensitive information with their clients.

It is especially useful in the medical field, where the doctors might need to share sensitive information related to the client on a daily basis. So if you are a professional doctor, then you can take help of the confidential template we have provided here. You can note down the format and the design used to design this template and use it to design your own template. You may also download and print this template to edit it and create your own design easily.

4) Generic Fax Cover Sheet

Generic Fax Cover Sheet


A blank generic cover sheet is probably the most versatile form of a sheet. It can be used for both professional as well as personal communication. It contains all the necessary details like the name of sender and recipient, sender’s name, receiver’s name, sender’s and receiver’s fax number, etc.

So if you are sending a fax document for the first time, or want a free template with a neat interface without any designs, then you can choose the generic template. To help you design your own cover sheet template, we have provided you here with an example of a generic cover sheet template. It can be downloaded and printed from here, so you edit it and design your own generic cover sheet in a professional format.

5) Free Basic Fax Cover Sheet

Free Basic Fax Cover Sheet


A basic sheet design is a simple cover sheet template which contains all the relevant details related to the sender and the recipient in a clear and concise manner. These can be used for both professional as well as personal purposes. So if you are looking for a cover sheet template in a simple design without any unnecessary details, then the basic template is perfect for you.

The format of a basic cover sheet template is simple and must contain the following details :

  • Company name of the sender
  • Contact details such as fax number and address of the sender
  • Details about the recipient such as name, address, etc.

Here we shall provide you with an example of a basic template in PDF format. It will give you an idea about how you can design a basic sheet and what all details should be included in it.

Now, let us talk about the samples and examples of templates.

6) Sample & Example of Fax Cover Sheet Template

Sample & Example of Fax Cover Sheet Template


A sample template is always useful if you want to send a fax for the first time or are not sure which template to use. There can be many samples of design such as blank, generic, printable, etc. So you must choose a template according to your requirements so that the sender can know the purpose for your sending the fax and if you want to convey any special message to them for immediate action.

Here we have provided you with an example of a generic sheet template for your reference and understanding. It can be downloaded and printed from here and edited according to your preference.

7) Free Fax Cover Sheet Template [Blank & Printable]

Free Fax Cover Sheet Template



Free Fax Cover Sheet Template


A blank template is one which does not have anything written on it beforehand so it allows maximum customization by the users. Hence it is the most preferred this template by the businesses and individuals alike since it allows maximum customization and allows you to create a sheet according to the requirements of your business. It might be available in various formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc. So to help you understand the format of a blank cover sheet and customize your own blank sheet, we have provided you here with blank cover sheet template which available here for free.

While a printable cover sheet is any form of a cover sheet which can be downloaded and printed. So it can be in blank, generic, Word, Doc, and other various formats. We have also shared below here an example of a printable cover sheet so that you can have access to it for free and easily create a cover sheet template of your own.

8) Fax Cover Sheet Word Doc Template

Fax Cover Sheet Word Docs



Microsoft Word is a powerful text editing tool which provides tons of productive features which are ideal for creating documents for official as well for personal reasons. An important feature of the Word document is that it allows ease of accessibility and is compatible with almost all the software such as Windows, iOS, etc. So you can easily access using any device such as mobile, laptops, PC’s tablets, etc.

If you want to create a cover sheet in a professional format, then Word Doc is the ideal tool for you. It contains many useful features which allow you to create a new sheet in an organized manner and also edit it according to your preference.

Here we are sharing with you an example of a Word Doc fax cover template in a downloadable and printable format.

9) Fax Cover Sheet PDF

Fax Cover Sheet PDF


A fax cover sheet is a formal document so it must usually be designed in a professional format. It allows you to create a document in a professional format and provide maximum customization to your document. And if you are using it for business purpose, then you would need to share it with multiple people. Hence a PDF version of a sheet would provide you with all the above advantages and allow you to create any format of professional design.

Here for your reference, we have provided you with an example of the sheet PDF template which you can also download and print.

10) Fax Cover Sheet Google Docs

Fax Cover Sheet Google Docs


Fax cover sheets are a necessity in today’s business environment and it must be created using a template which can be easily shared and edited. And Google Docs is one such tool which is used widely to create professional documents in an easily readable manner. It also has many in-built features which allow the user to create professional documents for various purposes.

Fax Cover Sheet Google Docs

So to give you an idea about how to create a new sheet in Google Docs format, we have provided you here with an example of a cover sheet in Google Docs format. It can be downloaded and printed from here for free so you can edit it and send a fax to the receiver in Google Docs format.

11) Fax Cover Sheet Excel

Fax Cover Sheet Excel


There might be situations where you might require to put details in your fax cover sheet. So in such situations, an Excel template is very useful since it allows you to create a new sheet in a formal manner and out all the details in an organized manner.

Here for your easy access, we have provided you with a basic cover sheet template in Excel format. So you can download and print it from here and add details to it to send a fax for official purposes.

12) Business Fax Cover Sheet

Business Fax Cover Sheet


The purpose for drafting a business fax cover sheet is similar to a professional fax cover sheet. The only difference is that a business fax cover sheet is preferably used for business communications only, while a professional fax cover sheet can be used for any professional communication.

This kind of fax cover letter can be used for various kinds of business communications and can be used to enter deals or send quotations to other companies. It can also be used to introduce your company to potential clients and enter into a meaningful relationship with them. This cover letter must showcase the kind of message which the document contains, i.e., if the message is urgent, then the word “Urgent” must be highlighted in the fax cover sheet. This means that the reader needs to review or reply to the message immediately.

A business fax cover sheet must be made carefully since it highlights the values and ethos of your company. Hence the recipient must be given due respect and follow the etiquettes of the fax which would assure the recipient that the sender is part of a reputed organization or institution. Here you can find the best samples of business fax cover sheet in PDF and Word format.

13) Medical Fax Cover SheetMedical Fax Cover Sheet


This kind of fax cover sheet is basically used for any medical correspondence between the doctor and his or her patients. Hence this kind of fax cover letter can be used for sharing all kinds of medical information such as medical reports, prescriptions and medicines of a particular individual.

The medical information must be kept confidential which must be maintained by the recipient. You must also ensure that the fax complies with the federal laws as well.

For your convenience here we have provided you with the Medical fax cover letter in image and PDF format. So you can easily download and print this template in PDF format and fill in the necessary details and make any additional changes if required.

14) Mass-Health Fax Cover Sheet

Mass-Health Fax Cover Sheet


“Mass Health” refers to health insurance scheme that secures the health of all the adults and children of the family. A mass-health fax letter contains unique information since the details included in it differ from the basic and standard fax cover letters. For instance, a mass-health fax cover letter shall include details such as the sender’s date of birth, his or her SSN (Social Security Number) and other details which verify the authenticity of the sender.

These cover letters must always be used while sending your insurance papers since they would provide the reader with vital information such as the documents included in the fax and other vital information.

So if you are planning to explain the benefits about particular health insurance to your clients, then you can use this mass-health fax cover letter which we have provided here. You can download this template in PDF and Word version and start writing down the details right away.

10) Simple Fax Cover SheetSimple Fax Cover Sheet


As the name suggests, a Simple fax cover letter can be used for sending fax for any purpose and contains only the basic information. Nonetheless, it is an important document since it contains all the necessary information related to the document such as the date on which the fax is sent, details about the sender, fax number of both the parties, etc.

The format of a simple fax cover sheet includes the following:

  • The Name of the Recipient at the top.
  • Then, the name of the Sender
  • Fax number of the sender.
  • His/Her Phone Number
  • Number of Pages of the fax document, etc.

You can download and print a simple fax cover sheet from here in Word and PDF and send it along with your documents. After taking a printout you can fill out all the details and conveniently send a business, personal or professional fax.


Today we have provided you with vital information regarding various examples of new sheets and some useful examples of sheet templates. If you have any query, you are free to contact us and can leave a comment in the box below. We will try to help you and get back to you within 24 hours.

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