FedEx Holiday Calendar 2019

fedex HowToWikii FedEx Holiday Calendar 2019

FedEx is a multinational courier service company based in America. So here we shall discuss about FedEx Holidays 2019, so that you can have all the information regarding when to ship your parcel throughout the year.


HowToWikii FedEx Holiday Calendar 2019

So you have brought the perfect gift for your family members for Christmas. But if you want to ship the parcel during the holiday season, you must know about the FedEx holiday schedule so that you can work around the deadline and schedule your shipment just at the right time. FedEx is one of the largest courier services partners with many other companies. So if you want to know whether FedEx operating companies deliver during a particular holiday, you must know about its holiday schedule.

Check FedEx Normal Operating Hours

  • If you want to check the regular FedEx operating hours for your location, you can simply visit their Find Locations page.
  • Want to know whether the service in your area is affected by bad weather or other conditions? You can simply visit the FedEx Newsroom or call 1.800.463.3339.
  • If you need to ship during Christmas Day or any other day of the year, then you can utilize the FedEx Same Day Service. It is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. You can schedule a pickup by going to or call 1.800.399.5999.

What Holidays Is FedEx Closed

Like all the other major courier services, FedEx provides most of its services during the holidays. The FedEx Custom Critical service is available during all the US Federal holidays.

List of FedEx 2019 Holidays

Here we have provided you with a ready reference for all the FedEx holidays for 2019:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1/21
Presidents Day 2/18
Good Friday to Easter 4/19–4/22
Memorial Day 5/24—5/28
Independence Day 7/3–7/5
Labor Day 8/30–9/3
Columbus Day 10/14
Veteran’s Day 11/11
Thanksgiving 11/27–11/30
Christmas 12/18–12/26
New Year’s 12/27/19–1/2/20

These are the list of the holidays during which some of the services might be slightly modified or suspended. The scheduled pick-up and drop services might also get affected a day before and after teh major holidays for some of the services.

FedEx Hours Of Operation On Holiday

The easiest and accurate way to check the FedEx holiday hours is to ask the operating hours from your nearest FedEx post office.

You can contact the FedEx Customer Service if you have any doubt regarding the holiday schedule of the FedEx.

Here we have provided you with the complete schedule of the FedEx services during the holidays for 2019. We have provided you this image from the official website of FedEx.

FedEx Holiday Schedule HowToWikii FedEx Holiday Calendar 2019

Is FedEx Open Today?

The most important question which must be coming in your mind while scheduling a mail pickup is whether your FedEx office is open today or not. You can call the nearest service operator of the nearest branch of FedEx. So you must check the FedEx Holiday Schedule to know the accurate information about the holiday operating hours and schedule.

You can get the complete FedEx holiday schedule from the image we have provided above. It includes the list of all teh services and their availability and the restricted hours of operation; if any, will be applied during the Federal holidays of the US. There are some holidays during which the services remain open but the delivery might not take place, due to the non-availability of the resources.


FedEx is one of the most common and sought-after service providers for the pick-up and delivery of the shipments. You can visit the official pages of FedEx for more information and tracking your shipments. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please let us know in the comments section below.

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