How to prevent COVID-19 from affecting your body

Coronavirus  How it will affects the Human Body   Its Symptoms HowToWikii How to prevent COVID-19 from affecting your body

Introduction To Coronavirus/Covid-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus/Covid-19 has affected the world globally. Businesses, organizations, schools, institutions, movie halls, restaurants, malls and what not has come to a close down. The number of cases has been increasing on daily basis and people are becoming more and more concern about their health and concern of the world. Everything has come to a stop and there is no hope of getting free from the pandemic anytime soon. There is a lot of news, updates and information that it has kind of become information overload. What is true and what is not true has become a big question for the general public.

Affects to the human body?

In all the cases, people are looking for all kinds of information regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19. You can know all about the disease including what it is, how does it spreads, symptoms, prevention, tests and how does it affects your body. Yes, this is one of the major concerns for many people around. How Coronavirus affects the body and what harm does it give to your body is that has feared the masses. Across the globe people have been severely affected by the disease and there have been many deaths because of it, which is the most heartbreaking news around Coronavirus/Covid-19.

coronavirus affect HowToWikii How to prevent COVID-19 from affecting your body

So, it is important to understand how the disease affects your body.

Coronavirus/Covid-19 is an infection that is being passed onto another person when they inhale droplets of the other person coughing/sneezing in front of them or if you touch any contaminated base.

How does coronavirus affect the body?

This Coronavirus disease enters in body through your nose, mouth or eyes. Once they enter your body they start establishing themselves. Viruses start working in your body by hijacking the cells your body is made up of. In the beginning the virus can invade your body when you breathe it in and (after someone coughs nearby) or you touch a contaminated surface and then your face.

coronavirus affect children

What are the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms

Firstly, the virus starts infecting the cells lining your throat, airways and lungs and turns them into “Coronavirus factories” that further grows out huge number of new viruses that go on to infect yet more cells. This is the initial stage of the disease and at this moment you may not feel sick and there may be some people who will never feel any of the stated symptoms. This stage is also known as incubation period in which the time between infection and first symptoms appearing usually takes around 5 days on an average.

Most of the people will experience a mild disease that 8 out of 10 people will get and the core symptoms of it are fever and cough. Other symptoms are also there that include body aches, sore throat and headache. But, all of these symptoms are not guaranteed. Moreover, your immune system tells you that something is wrong by having symptoms like fever and feeling grotty. This is how your immune system responds to the infection and warns your body that something is wrong. This also means that your body has recognized the virus as an invader and signals to the rest of your body that something is wrong by releasing chemicals like cytokines.

They wander around the immune system and causes body aches, pain and fever. To give you some more information, the cough in the Coronavirus case is usually dry and this is probably down to irritation of cells as they become infected by the virus. Eventually, the cough becomes more serious and some people start coughing up sputum- thick mucus containing dead cells killed by the virus. All these symptoms in the case of Coronavirus are treated with bed rest, plenty of fluids and paracetamol. In a mild case you would not need hospitalized care but isolation is still advised.

This stage can last around a week in which most of the people recover as their immune system as fought off the disease. But some people can still develop a serious form of Covid-19 i.e. the next stage of the virus.

How Covid-19 affects the Body?

coronavirus affect HowToWikii How to prevent COVID-19 from affecting your body

How to Prevent from Covid-19

In severe cases the disease progresses and it is usually because your immune system starts overreacting to the virus. The chemicals by then signals the rest of the body causes inflammation, but this needs to be delicately balanced. The body with too much inflammation produced can cause collateral damage. This means that virus is triggering an imbalance in the immune system response, there’s too much inflammation and how it is doing we do not know.

The next stage is the critical illness of the disease. This is the stage in which inflammation of the lungs is called pneumonia. This causes shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. This is when some people would need ventilator to breathe. It can also lead to Acute respiratory distress syndrome, which can lead to septic shock when the blood pressure drops to low levels and organs stop working properly or fail completely.

Wrapping Up!!

So, now that you are aware about how the virus can affect your body, it is important that you follow the precautionary steps. Stay home and stay safe.

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