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How To Apply Eyeliner [Step By Step Guide]

Eyeliner is the basic beauty product which every girl must own. So here we have provided you a complete tutorial on how to apply an eyeliner for beginners. This tutorial will surely help you to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner by yourself!

Eyeliner is a girl’s best friend and is a tool which can take your look from simple to glam instantly. But as much as we can’t do without our eyeliners, we hate every time we can’t apply it properly. And the struggle is real. We might see our favourite film stars and Instagram make-up bloggers get the perfect oh-so-amazing eyeliner results every time. And we might follow various DIY tutorials from the internet to get the perfect stroke for a party or for everyday routine. But alas, all our efforts go in vain as what seemed so easy in the tutorial video is actually damn difficult to achieve.

So keep on practising ladies, until you can swivel the brush to perfection and get the perfect consistency in your line. Till then, you can go through this easy DIY tutorial on how to use an eyeliner.

How To Use Eyeliner Pencil/ Pen

Tip: If you are a beginner, use a eyeliner pencil instead of the gel liner to apply the liner with steady hands.


Seen your friends apply the eyeliner to perfection and want similar results? But instead of a straight line, does your eyeliner gets messy and smudged? Before you can steady your hands and perfect using the liquid liner, you can use an eyeliner pencil to draw a thin or thick stroke of line on your upper lid. Here are a few easy DIY steps which you can follow while using an eyeliner pencil or pen:

Step 1: Place the side of your hand and your little finger on your cheek for that extra support

Step 1: Start by applying from the middle of your lash line and then go outwards using short and smooth strokes of the brush.

Tip: Remember to blink your eyes as you go along so as to not strain your eyes.

Step 2: Now that you have completed drawing the outer edge, now draw the line closer to the inner lash line with smooth strokes covering the middle.

Step 3: When drawing the eyeliner of one eye is complete, switch your hand as you apply to the other eye. 

Step 4: Lining along the lashline gives you the effect of thicker lashes.

Bonus tip: How To Wing Your Eyeliner

Step 5: Make sure that the tip of your pen is pointing outwards.

Step 6: Take the pen towards the outer corner of the eye and draw a thin stroke of a line first using steady hands.

Step 7: Then gradually apply two or three more coats to achieve the perfect consistency.

Step 8: Then compare than the wings you have drawn are equal.

You can watch this video to understand the above steps better and see how to achieve them :

Simple Steps To Apply Liquid Eyeliner With Pictures

Ah, the thought of applying eyeliners gives us the jitters- even to the best of us! It can especially an uphill task if you are a beginner. Every time your hand shakes or your wet liner smudges can ruin your efforts and there you go! You have to go through the same process again and again! We understand the struggle ladies!

So here we have provided a tutorial especially for beginners on how to apply eyeliner (liquid) in simple easy steps.

Prep Before Applying the Liner

But before you apply your eyeliner, you need to create the base to apply the perfect eyeliner. It is important to give a flawless finish to your eye makeup and to ensure that your eye make-up doesn’t smudge.

  • You can apply a translucent powder over your eyelids and towards your eyebrows. This is especially useful in case you have oily skin to avoid your makeup to smudge and keep it at one place.
  • Now if you also want to apply eyeshadow you can apply it now before you apply your eyeliner.

Another effective tip which you can follow is to use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before you apply the eyeliner.

To achieve the best results and a flawless finish, you will need:

  • a liquid eyeliner
  • eyelash curler
  • mascara

Step 1: Start by shaking the eyeliner bottle vigorously. Now hold the brush flat towards yourself instead of against holding it straight.

Step 2: Create three dotted lines along your lashline.


Step 3: Then starting from the middle, join the dotted lines as you go outward. This will help you create the perfect line.

Step 4: Now to increase the height of your eyeliner as you wish. Draw a curved line roughly joining the middle at the upper edges of the eye Then fill it to create a fuller effect.

Step 5: For creating a wing, first draw a rough outline at the edge of your eyelids. 

Bonus tip: Draw a dot where you would like your wing to end, in order to avoid drooping of the wing.

Some Useful Tips:

  • If there is a gap between your lashline and your liner, it might look a little messy. So try to take the eyeliner as close to the lashline as possible. Fill in the gaps if there are any.
  • Applying excess eyeliner might give your eyes the fuller lashes effect, but it can also be heavy on the eyelids. Use a cotton bud and dip it in micellar water to remove any excess liner.

Apply Eyeliner On Lower Lid By Yourself

Here we shall share with you some tips on how you can create the perfect liner all by yourself.

  • If you are using a dull eye pencil, make sure to sharpen it. This will help you to achieve the goal of precision.
  • For those who have a hooded eyelid or oily skin, increase the height of your eyeliner so that the line is still visible when you open your eyes.
  • Want to go a step ahead and experiment with a colored liner? But don’t know where to start? Choose to accentuate either the lower lid or upper lid instead of going overboard with both.
  • In order to avoid the thicker line on one eye than the other, start with a thin stroke of the line. In this case, if it ends being thicker on the one side, you can always build on it to match it.
  • Never curl your lashes before applying your eyeliner. This can smudge your eyeliner.

Ways To Apply Eyeliner On Top Lid For Beginner

Applying the perfect eyeliner can turn out to be a disaster for the beginners. But luckily you have the internet to fall back upon to provide you with some of the best hacks. So here we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to apply eyeliner on the top lid by yourself.

Here are the products that you will require:

  • Eyeliner (use an eyeliner brush to achieve precision)
  • Primer
  • Concealer

Now let’s gets look at the steps:

Step1– First, prep your eyes before applying. Cleanse your face and apply a moisturizer on the face and eye cream around the eyes. 

Step 2–To achieve a clean and a smooth base, apply an eye primer on the eyelid, under the eyes and generally around the eye region.

Step 3– If you want to apply eyeshadow, you apply it now before applying the eyeliner

Step 4– Create a small dot at the end of your eye, where you would like your wing to end.

Step 5– Now connect the dot with your upper lash line with a thin stroke of the line.

Step 6– Now create an outline of your wing by joining it with both the lower lash line and upper lash line.

Step 7– Fill in the wing with short and precise strokes.

Step 8– Now apply the eyeliner to the rest of your eyelid.

Step 9– For more smokey eyes and professional make-up look, smudge your eye-liner using a brush.


Using an eyeliner perfectly can only come with practice. So using this guide, keep practicing until you can create the perfect dramatic look for your eyes all by yourself. We hope you found this quick DIY tutorial and make-up hacks useful. Please let us know in the comments section below if we missed out anything.

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