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How To Make a Paper Airplane [With Pictures]

Paper airplane is a fun and easy way to create our own airplanes and make it fly. So here we shall provide you step-by-step guide on how to make paper airplanes by yourself. Happy flying!

You might have flown a paper airplane in your childhood. It is loved by the children and the process of making it and watching it fly gives one immense sense of joy and pride. The whole concept of paper planes is based upon aerodynamics, as it depends upon the wind speed and force applied. It is a perfect play-time activity for children, which enhances their cognitive skills and also provides for a fun pass time. Even adults have an interest in paper airplanes and gliders.

So we decided to take up today’s’ blog topic to be about everything related to paper aeroplanes and gliders.

Let’s get straight into how to make a paper airplane and gliders in a few simple steps

Steps To Make a Paper Airplane Jet

A paper jet plane is just like a traditional paper plane model, the only difference being it is a bit sleeker and flies much better. Thre are two kinds of paper airplane jets which can be made, i.e, pointed nose jet and the Flat nose jet. So from here you can easily follow these DIY steps to make your own paper plane and enjoy flying it.

Steps To Make Pointed-Nose Jet Paper Plane

Step 1: Take a sheet of paper, preferably an A4 size sheet and fold it equally by making a crease.

Step 2: Now fold the upper two corners inwards. Fold the paper in such manner that two triangles form and they meet at centre crease you have created.

Tip: Run your fingers through the folds to re-inforce the folds.

Step 3: Now, turn the paper over and fold the triangle from its base. The paper will be the shape of a square now.

Step 4: Now, from the square formed, fold the upper two corners of the triangle like you did earlier. This will form two thicker triangles.

Step 5: Now, from the folds have created, create small triangles from the three triangles you created by folding two triangles in either siders and one triangle in the middle. These will be required to secure the wings of the plane.

Step 6: Now fold the triangle along the crease in the shape of a half mountain. The triangle folds you made in the previous step should be on the outside.

Step 7: Now take a diagonal part of the paper and fold one side down to form a wing.

Step 8: Now, turn over to the other side of the paper and make an identical wing by aligning your wing with the edge of the paper.

Step 9: Now you are ready to fly your jet. Hold the part below the wings and throw it in the air and watch it fly!

Here we have provided you with a video so you can easily make a paper plane jet of your own:

How To Make a Flat-Nose Jet Plane

Step 1: Take an A4 size sheet paper and fold it into half. Unfold the paper to create a crease.

Step 2: Now fold the top to corners to make them meet at the centre crease. You should form two small triangles forming a larger triangle.

Step 3: Now, fold the top portion of the larger triangle downward.

Step 4: Next, fold the outer edges on both the sides along the centre line.

Step 5: Now, turn over your paper. Now take half-inch of the paper from the upper side and fold it backwards towards you.

Step 6: Next turn the paper back over again. Fold it into half along the middle crease.

Step 7: Fold from the top edge downwards to create wings.

Step 8: Now your plane is made and ready to take off! Hold from the base of your plane and fan out the wing.

Simple Steps To Make Airplane Easy and Fast

We all want our paper airplanes to be fast and glide smoothly in the air. So we have provided these simple DIY steps to create your own fast gliding airplane:

Step 1: Fold the paper in half and then unfold it to get a crease in the middle.


Step 2: Now, fold the top corners at each end to form two equal triangles along the middle crease created.


Step 3: Then, fold the upper portion of the triangle into half downwards to create a smaller triangle along the middle crease.


Step 4: Now, from top to bottom, fold inwards along both the sides.

Step 5: Then, fold the new top corners inwards so that they meet the centre crease.

Step 6: Now, fold each side along the centre crease.

Step 7: Then, fold the plane formed in half along the centre crease.


Step 8: Now you have to make the wings. From the top edge create a fold downwards to form a triangle just like a wing.

Step 9: There! Your plane is now ready to take flight. Hold your plane from below the wing and throw in the air with some force and watch it soar in the sky!

How To Make an Airplane Glider By Yourself

For those who like to fly paper airplanes, it is fun to try different variations of the normal paper jet plane and create newer varieties which fly faster. It is a fun activity and enhances our creativity. So here we will teach you how to make a paper plan glider by yourself which is sleeker and faster than the normal paper jet planes:

Step 1: take an A4 size sheet and fold it diagonally from the middle. There will be an extra piece of paper left at the bottom.

Step 2: Now, cut off the extra piece at the bottom.

Step 3: Now, fold the diagonal edges about 1.5 inches.

Step 4: Next, fold the plane in half.

Step 5: Fold one of the top edges outwards towards you.

Step 6: Now repeat with the other side as well.

Step 7: Now, fold one side along the centre line to create a wing.

Step 8: Repeat the same process on the other side to create the other wing.

Step 9: You will now see your glider has taken shape! Blow some wind in below the wings so that the surface smoothens and throw it in the air and watch it fly a great distance!

Here we have provided you with a video which will help you to make a glider by yourself:


Creating and flying paper airplanes is the best timepass and improves our paper folding skills as well. There are many types of planes you can create out of paper, it depends how creative you can be! Did you find this DIY guide interesting and helpful? Please let us know in the comments section below

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