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How To Send An Email [With Pictures]

There are millions of emails sent across the world each second. And although some might find it irritating when those pesky marketing emails hit our inbox, the email is not dying and is here to stay. So here we are going to provide you with valuable tips regarding how to send an email on various platforms.

Emails have revolutionized the way people and businesses communicate with each other. This powerful tool provides a professional method of communication in the corporate sector and enables to send messages with a subject line, body and an ending just like a formal letter. It is widely used for personal communication too and enables people to stay in touch with each other, no matter how much distance they are. It has, in some ways, taken over the concept of sending traditional letters. But it has made our lives much easier and has become a mode of exchanging different kinds of messages or sharing information with people who matter. Not only that, but our emails are also associated with various services, such as social media platforms, websites, government websites, etc. So our email is capable of performing a huge number of functions in today’s date.

There is no particular email platform which is suitable for a particular purpose or serves all the needs of the user. Some of the popular email platforms across the globe are :

  • Gmail
  • AOL
  • Outlook
  • Zoho
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Proton Mail

Every email platform has its own unique features and a different interface altogether. So if you have a fair idea about emails but find it confusing to send emails through different platforms, we have the solution for you. We have created this how-to guide regarding how you can send emails through different platforms. So you can easily send an email through any platform within seconds.

Remember, if you want to send an email through your mobile phone, the procedure is the same for each platform.

How To Send An Email–

On Yahoo

Yahoo is the inbox service provided by Yahoo which provides updates to its users about many topics at one place, such as breaking news, sports, finance, music, movies, etc. So it integrates your inbox with news and many more services. So if you are new to Yahoo mail, you can follow the following steps to send an email to anyone in a few simple steps:

Step 1: First you need to log in to your Yahoo account. Enter your login information and click on the “Login” button.


Step 2: Go to the top-left of your page and click on “Compose Message”. It opens up a new box where you can compose a new message.

Step 3: Next, in the “To” section, write the recipient’s email address. If you already have the email address saved in your contacts, you can just write their name here. Otherwise, you have to type their full email address.


Step 4: Now, compose a Subject line for your email in the box provided below the “To” section.

Step 5: Next, type the body of your email. You can compose the message as you wish, either short or detailed. 


Step 6: You just need to hit the send button now to send the email.

How to attach Images in Your Yahoo Mail

Note: the process of attaching images in a mail is more or less the same for every platform.

Step 1: You need to click on the paper clip icon at the bottom of your mailbox.

Step 2: After clicking on the icon, it will take you to “My Computer” where you can find all the folders. You can choose the folder from where you want to attach the image.

Step 3: Now, from a particular folder, you can select a single image or multiple images. and then click on “Open”.

Step 4: This will attach your images to your email (in .png, .pdf or .jpg format)

Step 5: Finally, to send the email, hit on the “Send” button.

On Outlook

The outlook is one of the products of the Microsoft 360 suite which is quite a popular email platform. It is a multi-purpose tool since it also acts as a calendar, task manager and contacts manager. So you don’t have to make efforts to bring all these together and connect with the people who matter and organize your inbox.

So if you are new to Outlook, here are few simple steps which you can follow to send email through your Outlook account:

Step 1: From the top left corner, click on the “New Message” option.

Step 2: Choose an email address you want to enter in To, Cc or Bcc fields.

Step 3: If you can’t see the Bcc box, you need to turn it on. The option to turn on Bcc can be found at two places, depending upon whether you are composing a new message or replying to or forwarding a message.

Step 4: In the “Subject” section of the message, type an appropriate subject line.

Step 5: Next, start typing the body of the email.

Step 6: After you have composed your message, hit the send button.

Tip: If you want to include someone in the conversation, you can add @ symbol and the first few letters of the contacts name. The full name will appear. But it is not necessary to include the full name.

On Gmail

We all know about Gmail and use it to send emails daily. It is the free email service by Google and provides free storage of our emails in the cloud.

Here are the steps which you should follow to send a mail through Gmail:

Step 1: From your computer, go to Gmail

Step 2: Login from the account you want to send the mail.

Step 3: Click on “Compose” from the top-left.

Step 4: Now, in the “To’ field, you need to add the recipients in the “To”, “Cc” or “Bcc” section as per the requirement.

Step 5: In the next line. you need to enter a Subject line. Make sure that the subject line is crisp and eye-catching.

Step 6: In the next box provided, start typing the body of your email. Keep it as short or detailed as per your requirement.

Step 8: At the bottom of the email page, there are options for formatting such as Font, Text Size, Bold, Italics, etc.

Step 7: At the bottom of the email page, there is a send button. Click on it to finally send your email.

How To Send Email in Confidential Mode

You might be required to send a confidential email whose contents are sensitive in nature and must be viewed by the intended recipient only, Such emails can be sent by schools, colleges, institutions, etc. So here are the steps to send your email in confidential mode:

If you are using an official acoount for work or school, you can use the confidential mode to keep your conversations private.

Sending Confidential Email Through Computer

Here’s how you can send email in confidential mode from your Computer:

Step 1: Go to your browser and then open your Gmail account.

Step 2: Click on “Compose”.

Step3: If you already haven’t, go to the bottom right of your screen and turn on the “Confidential Mode”.

Step 4: You need to set an expiration date and passcode for your message. Remember that both the message text and any attachments are impacted through these settings.

  • The “No SMS Passcode” option will let the Gmail users open the email directly. If the message is sent to recipients who do not have a Gmail account, they will receive an email with the passcode.
  • The “SMS Passcode” will enable your recipients to get a passcode by text message. While entering the phone number, make sure it is the recipients, and not yours.

Sending Confidential Email Through Android Smartphone or Tablet

Step 1: On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app.

Step 2: Tap on “Compose Message” icon at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3: Now, from the top-right, tap on the three dots. From the options, tap on “Confidential Mode”.

If you have already turned on the Confidential mode, go to the bottom of your email and tap Edit

Step 4: Now set the expiration date, passwords and other settings.

On Mailchimp

If you have used email for marketing, you must have heard about Mailchimp. It is a marketing automation platform which allows users to create innovative marketing campaigns and keep your audience engaged in every stage of the sales process.

So if you are wondering how to send an email for a simple marketing campaign through Mailchimp, here we have provided you with all the steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Campaigns Page.

Step 2: Now click on “Create Campaign”.

Step 3: Click Email.

Step 4: On the Regular Tab, select and enter your campaign name and click “Begin”.

Now you will be taken to the Campaign Builder, where you can decide the settings and design of your content.

Steps To Setup and Design Your Email:

Step 1: Add Recipients

To add recipients to your email, follow these steps:

  • In the “To” section, click “Add Recipients”.

  • From the Audience drop-down menu, choose the category of audience you want to send the email to.
  • Next, in the Segment section, choose “All Subscribers in the Audience”, “Group or New Segment”, or one available in saved or pre-built options.
  • Optional: Tick the Personalize the “To” Field to display the recipient’s name instead of their email addresses.

Step 2: Add From Name and From Email Address

  • From the “From” section of the Campaign Builder, click on “Add From”.
  • Enter your “From” name and email address.

You might be asked to verify the domain in your email address.

  • Now click on “Save”

Step 3: Add the Subject Line

  • In the Subject section of your Campaign Builder, enter the subject line of your email campaign.
  • In the Preview Text field, you can preview how the text you enter along the subject line will be visible to the recipients. You can enter up to 150 characters here.

  • Now click on Save.

Step 4: Designing the Email

  • In the Content section of the Campaign Builder, click on Design Email.
  • There will be various options of templates displayed. Choose a template to begin.

There will be five categories of templates which are available: Layouts, Themes, Saves Campaigns and Code Your Own.

Step 5: Settings & Trackings

  • For the regular email campaigns, MailChimp enables certain tracking options by default. This includes open and click tracking, and also the e-commerce tracking if you have a connected online store.

Follow these steps if you want to edit the tracking options for your campaign:

  • Go to the Settings & Tracking section and click on Edit.
  • Tick mark the boxes next to the tracking options you want to enable.
  • To save your options, click on Save.

Other Settings: 

You can also choose to change other settings, such as subscriber replies with conversations, and auto-convert embedded videos.

Step 6: Send Campaign

  • After you have completed the “To”, “From” and “Subject” sections of the Campaign Builder, you should see a green checkmark against each. When you see so, it means that your campaign is ready to be scheduled or sent.
  • Now if you think your campaign is ready to be sent, click on Send>Prepare for Launch Modal>Send Now to confirm sending your email.

Now your email campaign will be sent to your audience in no time!

To sum up the procedure on how to send an email through MailChimp, here we have provided you with a video to  explain you the process better:

On Phone

It is actually vey easy to send email through phone. Heeweare going to explain you how you can send an email using the Gmail app using your Android phone:

Steps To Send Email Through Android Phone:

Step 1: Open the Gmail application.

Step 2: Click on the pencil icon or “Compose Email” option at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3: Now fill in the respective fields such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject Line, etc.

Step 4: Now, in the next box, type the body of your email.

Step 5: If your email is ready to be sent, you can hit the send button.

Steps To Send Email Through iPhone

How To Send An Email To a Phone Number

It is actually very easy to send an email to a phone number. Here we shall provide you with the steps to send an email to any phone number through Gmail:

Step 1: Go to



Step 2: Now, click on Create a New Contact.

Step 3: Now enter the contact’s name and the word “cell” in both “Name” and “Nickname” section to clarify between email and cell contacts.

Step 3: Then you can compose your new message as usual and enter the contact name and send the email.

Here we have provided you with a video to explain you the process:


We hope you found this guide useful if you were sending an email for the first time, or even if you know how to send an email. If you have any queries or want us to cover any other topic, please feel free to comment in the section below.

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