How to self-check against COVID-19 at home

Coronavirus  How to Test this virus at our Home Isolation HowToWikii How to self-check against COVID-19 at home

In the times of lockdown, one can only think of being safe from Coronavirus. There are many stories and myths doing the rounds, be it social media, news or word of mouth. This can certainly create a doubt in the minds of general public sitting at home wondering and living in fear of catching the disease. People are keeping themselves safe by staying at home and following the rules and conditions outlined by the government at this testing time of the year 2020. Coronavirus/Covid-19 has become a threat to our daily schedule and lives. From staying apart from everyone we love to not going to work or outside the house for any particular reason has become the new daily routine.

Information Related To Coronavirus/Covid-19

There are many concerns raised regarding the disease and what all terms one needs to follow. Now it has become a global concern and when it comes to symptoms, preventive measures and testing symptoms there are some corrective measure that everyone is sure of being correct. When it comes to testing of Coronavirus/Covid-19 there are clinical measures that need to be followed properly.

How to Test Coronavirus at Home HowToWikii How to self-check against COVID-19 at home

Firstly, we need to understand about how the testing is done, when to get tested, what process needs to be followed and where to go for getting tested. Currently, there are laboratory tests that are being done and can identify the virus that causes Coronavirus/Covid-19. The immediate action taken can be to go to a nearby doctor and address all your concerns.

What are the measures and precautions for Coronavirus?

The doctor will the listen to all your concerns and identify, if your symptoms are serious enough to get being tested for Coronavirus. Also, not everyone needs to be get tested for the virus, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you are completely safe from the virus. You still will have to follow all the measures and precautions that need to be taken to keep yourself safe from the pandemic.

So, let’s get started with some basic information about the tests that concern Coronavirus.

Who should get tested for Coronavirus/Covid-19

To understand, whether, you should go to the doctor or not regarding your concerns related to the virus. So, have a look at the, if you have the symptoms and whether, you should get tested for Coronavirus or not.

  • If you have mild illness, then you can recover at home.
  • As there is no specific treatment approved for this virus, you should not reach to any conclusion.
  • The result of the test will help in understanding about whom you can come in contact with and what further steps should be taken.

There is complete guidance outlined for who should be tested and what further procedures need to be followed.

How to Understand the process of Coronavirus Test

The lab conducting the test will perform the tests to acquire following samples.

  • Swab Test– In this test, the lab is supposed to take a special cotton swab and sample inside the of the throat or nose.
  • Nasal Asprite – In this test, the lab will inject a saline solution into your nose, the remove the sample with gentle suction.
  • Tracheal Asprite – In this test, a thin, lighted tube known as bronchoscope goes into your lungs, where a sample will be collected.
  • Sputum Test – In this test, Sputum, which is a variation of mucus from your lungs that can be coughed out or sampled from nose with a swab is performed.
  • Blood Test – In this test, a collected sample will be analysed for the virus, either through a blanket test for all variants of the Coronavirus or through a specialized gene sequencing test that locates the marker for a novel coronavirus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus/Covid-19

Along with all the information regarding the test and the process another important aspect that you need to follow is symptoms. Yes, being alert about the symptoms is the perfect way of keeping yourself safe from being infected.

How to Test Coronavirus HowToWikii How to self-check against COVID-19 at home

The common symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Aches and Pains
  • Sore throat
  • Few people might experience diarrhea, nausea or runny nose

The coronavirus is known to be affected when you come in a close contact with someone who has already being infected with the virus. The result of this infectious disease is that people are being asked to keep a safe distance from including family members. Moreover, most of the countries has declared a complete lockdown, which mean people are being asked to stay at home and not go out in any case.

Treatment of Coronavirus/Covid-19

There has been no proven treatment till date for the infection and the world has definitely become a victim of the infection with many cases being reported worldwide and in severe cases deaths has also been reported.

For Now you can check the current status of the world with the positive cases from below:

Covid-19 Tracker – Bing

Covid-19 Tracker – Google

Wrapping Up!!

So, now that you are aware about all the possible tests, symptoms, preventive measures and things to do to keep yourself safe during the outbreak it’s time that you take things seriously and keep yourself, family and friends safe by keeping the right distance.


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