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How To Install APK on Android [Simple Guide For Beginners]

The APK file is used while downloading the apps from Google Play Store. But in case the app isn’t available in the Play Store, then you would need Install Apk on AndroidNow if you want to install any third party app in your phone, you would require an APK file. So let us just go through the simple steps to install APK files on an Android device.

There are many sources available over the internet through which APK files can be downloaded. But some of them might be harmful so it is recommended that you install any APK file from a trusted source only. So as a security measure, the Android devices ask for permission before installing any APK file. For that, you need to give permission for downloading from unknown sources.


How Can I Install Third Party Apps?

As you know, Android is an open source platform and has less constraints than iOS. So, unlike iOS, it allows the download of files from third party platforms. Now this method is not recommended since it can be a bit risky, since it can be loaded with malware and bad files which can harm your device.

So basically thee are two sources through which you can install the third-party apps:

  • From the third-party app stores like F-Driod, Amazon App Store and others.
  •  Through APK file, by downloading them from the websites and manually installing them.

I shall discuss here how to download the APK file from internal storage or from any website. So let’s get started.

What is an APK File?

The term APK stands for Android Package Kit. Most of us have used the APK file without knowing about it. When you install anhy app from the Google Play Store, it automates the process of transferring the APK file from the source to your device once you click on the Install button. It is similar to the file you need to run the apps in Windows (like .exe) or package installer (.pkg) for Mac.

So the first thing you need to do is to learn how to enable “Installation From Unknown Sources”. Let us dive straight into the steps.

Steps To Enable Installation From Unknown Sources

This is the first step which you need to follow before installing any APK file, since many people  Cannot Install Apk files and hence not able to use the apps the way they require.

So here are the steps:

For Android 8 And Above

Step#1 : First go to the “Settings” options in your phone. You can access the settings through the Notifications tray or just by going to your Home Screen.

Step#2: Next, scroll down to go to “Security and Privacy”. Then go to “More Settings”.


Step#3: Tap on “Install From External Sources” option in the More settings.


Step#4: Now open the web browser which you want to download the APK files from. Choose the browser which you prefer to use.

Step#5: Then you would be asked for permission to install the apps. Toggle on the option “Allow App Installs” on.


On Samsung Devices

Step#1: Go to your phone’s settings.

Step#2: From there, go to “Biometrics and Security” and then click on “Install Unknown Apps”.

Step#3: Select the browser you want to download the APK files from.

Step#4: Then you would be asked for access to download files, toggle on the option “Allow app installs”.

Install Apk On Android From Internal Storage

Sometimes it happens that some of the application’s release in the other countries before ours. So we are not able to have access to it. Even if your Android phone is not compatible to the APK due to an older version, you can still find the APK for that version online. You can also find the modded APK versions of your favourite games online.

So, as a part of this tutorial, I have decided to install my favourite game, Pokemon Go, from the APK file stored in my phone. I have saved the APK file under the “Downloads”file in my phone. You can save it under any folder.

Now let’s see the steps for the same:

Step #1: From the main menu of your phone, go to the internal memory of your device. For Andoird 8 version and higher, it can be accessed from File Manager.

Step#2: Next, from the top-right corner of the screen, click on the folder icon.

Step#3: Now click on the folder under which you have saved the APK file. I have saved it under the “Downloads” folder so I would be opening the folder.

Step#4: Tap on the file with .apk extension, or tap on the folder with the APK file in it.

Step#5: Now the APK file will automatically start downloading. If the file is corrupted with malware or virus, or is not working, your application will not download and it might corrupt your device.


Now you must find the app in the list of installed apps. You can also find it in the app drawers, and open the app and use it as you want.


There are many options for downloading the APK file, such as third-party application stores, APK files, etc. Like always, we sahll be re-insisting on the point that not all the sources are safe sources, and some might harbour malicious files and data. So always download the APK files from trusted sources to avoid unpreventable damage to your device. Please feel free to comment below if you have any doubts or suggestions.



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