How to Install WordPress in Cpanel Without Using Softaculous

Hello Guys! Here in this article I will tell you How to install wordpress in Cpanel and How to connect database and configuration to each other manually and also we will let you know what is wordpress and what wordpress can do. Let’s Begin,


Everyone wants to know about how we can install WordPress without using Softaculous app installer in Cpanel if Softaculous app installer not available. So that I would like to say it’s sometimes easy or harder for a newcomer. But if someone knows related to Cpanel then for those it’s easy but complicated.

What is WordPress?

With WordPress, we can use thousands of themes for our web development and thousands of plugins architecture. By using WordPress we can do what we think. Everything available for WordPress on the Internet.
Wordpress is a free and content management system which are an open-source system based on PHP and MySQL.
Let us know about How To Install WordPress on Cpanel manually and without using Softaculous App Installer.

How To Install WordPress on Cpanel


  1. We have to download WordPress latest package from the official WordPress website which is

See in Screenshot:

How to get wordpress package

After Click on Get WordPress it will be redirected to another page which is shown below:

From here you can download the latest version of WordPress and if you don’t want the latest version so you can also download the old version from the below link “All Releases”.

See in Screenshot:

After Click on all releases, you will be redirected to another page where all releases present and from where anyone can download any version which is required. See below screenshot.


After Downloading the required version of WordPress keeps it on a safe place or virus free place.
Now it turns to Server side or hosting side installation process.

      2. Login into your Cpanel.

After Login we have to add our domain or subdomain on which we want to install WordPress. On Cpanel dashboard, there are two options which are addon domains and subdomains. Add-ons domains are for if we want to add domain we have to click on this or if we want to install WordPress on a subdomain we have to click on a subdomain. I will let you know how to install WordPress on a subdomain for e.g.

See in the screenshot for how to add a subdomain.

Click On Subdomain it will be redirected to another page.


Name a subdomain which we want to add and select a domain on which we have to add a subdomain.

As I have selected subdomain name “howto” and selected domain “” and subdomain and root document folder automatically created which is “home/” it indicates where we have to upload WordPress file which we have previously downloaded. After clicking on Create Button a message comes like below:

Now We have to create a database name, database username, and database password.
For this again we have to go to the home of Cpanel.
After Home of Cpanel loads, there are various options for this we have to open MySQL Databases.

See below screenshot:

After Click on MySQL Database, we will be redirected to another page like this.

From here we have to create a database for e.g I have to create a database name for then I would like to create with a name “_howto”.

After Creating database _howto we have to create database username and password which is to be added or connected with WordPress website.
For creating database username and database password we have to redirect back to home and click on MySQL Database and scroll down there is an option Add New User from where we can create a username and password and after creating these keep noted these on the safe place because we will use this in future.

After Creating user we have to connect database user to the database.

For this we have to scroll down the same page after clicking on MySQL Database below you can see the option “Add User To Database” from here you can select username and database name to connect each other and click on add button.

For a new person who have less knowledge about Cpanel and it’s elements, it’s harder than they think. But everyone who knows about websites and Cpanel they can do it with this simple tutorial. There is some kind of risks of down server or anything else.

After Click on Add Button, a page loads after redirect where we have to select privileges which are known for what permissions we have given to database which is executable.

See in the screenshot:

Here we have to select all the privileges. So that root user and other users can do what they want.
Now a success message shows that user and database were connected successfully.

Now Its time to upload WordPress in the root directory or the folder where we have added the subdomain as previously I have shown the root folder of the subdomain. For e.g., I have to upload WordPress in home/ directory.

For this process, we have to go to the file manager from the home of Cpanel. Click on File Manager after these various folders loads we have to find or select our folder as mentioned above.

See screenshot for the tutorial:

file manager tutorial of cpanel

After finding folder we have to click on the folder and new page loads where some default domain files:

Here we have to click on the Upload button:

After Click on “Upload” Button, it will be redirected to another page where we have to select WordPress file from our system where we have saved our WordPress file or stored our package.

Now We have to wait for a while and upload will complete. Then We have to click on Go Back to the mentioned folder button.

After this, a page loads where WordPress uploaded and here we have to unzip it or extract it by right click on the .zip folder like this:

After Extracting we have to move all WordPress files into the mentioned folder above or direction by select all and click on the move button then the select folder where we want to move files.

See in the screenshot:

Here we have to remove WordPress from the direction.

After Doing this we have to select move files button and after this again we have to go into our respective folder and we can see all our WordPress files are in our folder and now we have to do one thing to keep our website safe. We have to delete default WordPress files which are a .zip folder.

See below screenshot for the tutorial:

After deleting this we have to rename one file which is wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php because of wp-config-sample.php always present by default in any package of WordPress to set or connect the database to WordPress files. Because without database connection any WordPress website was waste and nothing can be done without this.

After doing all these there is one biggest task we have to do is “To Connect Database to the WordPress” which is lesser people knows.
As in above, I said to keep all credentials on the safe place we have to replace the same in wp-config.php file.
For connection, we have to edit the wp-config.php file for this right click on the wp-config.php file and click on edit.

After This a page loads where we can edit wp-config.php file. It looks something like this:

For connection, we have replaced default database credentials like database name, database username and database password.

After adding all details website may be not loads because for loading on any system we have to put some of the unique keys which are not saved as default we have to put something randomly numerals or alphabets.

As I have done something like this. See in the screenshot:

Doing this now final step we have to do is to install WordPress on the live domain.
We have to load our main domain on the search engine.

For E.g., When we will load our subdomain: it goes to installation page like this:

Here we have to select the language which is the default language of our WordPress site and secondly, we have select continue. After this we have set our credentials with the help of these we are able to log in again into our website.

After doing all these clicks on Install WordPress and a page load which says success!

Here we can log in into our WordPress and do everything that we want.
By Click on Login Button a page load which is called WordPress login dashboard.

And also we can load our website by loading the subdomain and new homepage loads which can be customized if you are a WordPress web designer.

Wrapping Up!


In the above article, we learned that How to install WordPress in Cpanel without using any software installer or Softaculous App Installer. This Manual Process of installing WordPress is much safer than installing WordPress from application installer. Its safest from hackers and any other malware.



Stays Tuned! I will be back with another Tech Niche Article.

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