Download Printable January 2020 Calendar [PDF, Excel & Word]

Download Printable January 2020 Calendar PDF Word Format HowToWikii Download Printable January 2020 Calendar [PDF, Excel & Word]

The Year 2020 is about to begin, and most of you must have started planning for it beforehand. Hence a calendar is essential if you want to start the year on a high note. So we have provided you here with January 2020 calendar in PDF, Excel and Word format.

January 2020 Calendar

If there is one month which all are excited about, it is January. It is the first month of  Gregorian and Julian calendars and is celebrated as the beginning of the New Year. It is also one of the coldest months in the Northern hemisphere. With the festive season being celebrated throughout the month, it is probably the busiest months too. So if you are looking forward to organizing your schedule for the month of January, you can use the calendar for the month of January. Hence we have provided the January 2020 calendars exclusively for you so that it can help you sort things out for the month and help you begin your year on a positive note.

January 2020 Printable Calendar

You might be good at keeping schedules, but if you find it difficult to maintain the schedule and do not stay motivated to follow it, then there is no point of following the schedule. Hence for efficiently creating and managing the schedule for the whole month and the year, a monthly calendar is the best option. This tool is excellent for time-management, so if you find yourself having difficulty in managing time between different activities, then a calendar will help you organize the events as per their dates and time of occurrence. And since these printable calendars can be edited easily, you can add any event at the last moment in your schedule and make it easier for you to prepare for it.

Thus monthly calendars will help you to stay updated with your schedules and create different schedules for personal as well as professional lives. So it will make managing activities smooth for you and help you plan ahead for the festivals and other events well before time.

January 2020 Calendar With Holidays

We all like to keep resolutions for the New Year. After all, it instils hope and positivity in us to accomplish the goals we have always dreamt of and actually prepare actionable plans to implement them. But truth be told, most of us forget about our resolutions at the beginning of the month itself and return to our old selves and pursue our old habits. But with having a calendar with us, it shall be much easier to plan out our schedule month-wise and prepare a time-frame for achieving our goals. Hence we are more likely to follow our goals and accomplish them by the end of the year. hence the importance of maintaining a calendar can be realised from the fact that it can be extremely helpful in making important decisions and fulfilling the personal and professional goal you have in life.

Want to plan ahead for the rest of the year too? Then maybe you would find our other templates too:

So today I decided to provide you with January 2020 calendar templates which have all the holidays marked neatly in them. So you can use these templates for managing time between your hectic schedules and your friends and family.

As you know, January is known as the holiday season. Apart from the New Year, there are some other festivals also being celebrated. The other important holiday in the USA during this month is Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday.

January 2020 Calendar PDF and Excel

Wondering how these calendars will help you in any way? Well, for starters, these templates will help you create your own schedule for home, office, travel, hobbies, or anything. Not just that, there are several other purposes too for which you can use these templates. Here listed below are some reasons why you must download these templates:

  • These calendars can help you track your office or bank holidays in the month of January.
  • You can have control over how you want to use these calendars. These can be used for building your schedule as you want and customize it according to your requirements.
  • These templates can be printed from anywhere and also be accessed and edited on the go.
  • Also, these templates are available in PDF and Word format. So you can download the templates in any of the formats as per your requirements.
  • These templates are made up of a grid of large boxes. So you can have ample space to write any important note or reminder against a date.
  • You can put up these calendars anywhere you like, your bedroom wall, office desk, fridge, or any place where you can view it easily.
  • Looking at them would provide you with the motivation to manage your goals for the month and achieve them.

The list is endless, and you can utilize these calendars for anything which you feel is appropriate in your daily routine.

Steps To Download The January 2020 Printable Templates

As you know, these calendars are available in three formats- Image, PDF and Word. If you are confused as to how to download these calendars in any of these formats, don’t worry. You can follow these simple steps t download the images.

Download JPEG File

1. For Desktop Devices

  1. Right-click over the desired image.
  2. Now a menu will appear. From the options available, select “Save Image As.”
  3. Now your download will start and be saved in the “Download’ folder by default.
  4. By default, the image shall be saved in the “Downloads” folder in your device. You can change this and select any destination for your image.

2. For Mobile Devices

  1. Long tap over the image you want to download.
  2. Now from the options that will appear, click on “Save Image As.”
  3. Your download will begin instantly.

Download PDF File

If you want to download the image in PDF format, you need to just click on the Download link that we have provided and your download will begin automatically. Then, your file will open in a new window.

Download Word File

To download the Word file, all you need to do is to click on the Download button and your download will begin. You can use the templates as they are, or make changes to them as per your requirements.

January 2020 Blank Calendar

With the internet covering all aspects of our lives, the calendars have become a digitized tool. If we talk about monthly calendars in particular, then these calendars are useful in scheduling various events and creating a roadmap for the month. Here’s how the printable calendars can be useful in our lives and affect our lives:

  • it helps us in time management and use our personal and professional lives more effectively.
  • it helps us to pursue new hobbies by motivating us to achieve them.
  • it helps us to prioritize events in our lives by marking all the important dates in the calendar.
  • allows us to remember special days such as birthdays, anniversaries or client meetings.

Free January 2020 Printable Calendar in Word and PDF

January 2020 Calendar                    January  2020 Printable Calendar                           January 2020 Blank Calendar 
           PDF Word                                          PDF Word                                                       PDF Word

  January 2020 Calendar                 January  2020 Printable Calendar                     January 2020 Blank Calendar 

       January 2020 Calendar                   january 2020 calendar 7 HowToWikii Download Printable January 2020 Calendar [PDF, Excel & Word]
                    PDF Word                                                          PDF Word                                                                       

             January 2020 Calendar Word                      January Calendar 2020    


January 2020 Calendar Excel                      January 2020 Calendar With Holidays 

      PDF|Word|Excel                                                          PDF|Word

January 2020 Calendar Excel               January 2020 Calendar With Holidays 


Today we discussed a bit about the January month and how you can organize and plan for it by using the calendar templates we have provided here. How did you use the calendar and in what situations did you find it helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.


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