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How To Install Kinemaster Chroma Key APK [Latest 2019 Version]

If you are using Kinemaster, you must be wondering how can you install the fully unlocked versions. Well, we have provided the solution for just that- a guide about how to install Kinemaster Chroma Key APK fully unlocked version. 

Kinemaster is a video-editing platform that provides the experience of professional video-editing to mobile phone users. With its free version containing hefty features like 3D animation, blending modes, multiple video layers, etc. it is truly the best video editor that is available in the market.

So if you are looking for the modded (or mod) version of the software, you can get it right here on our website. Here we have provided you with the installation guide for Chroma Keys along with downloadable APK file.

Chroma Key- Features and Uses

Now let us talk about Chroma Keys. It is a visual effect or post-production technique which is used to two images or video streams together based on colour or hues.

The Chroma Keys feature in Kinemaster allows you to select a portion of the media layer and set its transparency, based on hues.

It is used to give green-screen style effects and other effects too.

Chroma Key Features

Here we have described all the features of Chroma Key :

1. Enable/ Disable: Toggles the Chroma Keys on and off.

2. Foreground Cutoff: It is the threshold beyond which everything is considered as part of foreground. It is useful in determining what is preserved in foreground.

3. Background Cutoff: The threshold level beyond which everything is taken as a part of background. It determines what to be removed based on key colour.

4. Key Colour: it is the colour which is removed from the screen. You can choose between preset colours or select a colour of your own.

5. Detail Curve: tool used to adjust the blending levels between the foreground and background. Generally, the curves showing more towards the lower-right side will remove the background colour and create a sharper edge on the mask.

Kinemaster Chroma Key App Download

As we have mentioned, the application is specially designed for mobile phone users. And one of the editing tools offered by the platform is Chroma keys. It allows the user to select a media layer and control its transparency. Again, as mentioned earlier, it is a widely used tool for professional video-editing to edit “green-screen” images or videos. Hence you would find the Kinemaster Chroma Key File Download if you want to try professional photo or video editing and “green screen” photography.

Kinemaster Chroma Key APK Download

So, without further waiting, we shall explain the steps regarding How To Use Chroma Key. 

If you want to use the Chroma Key feature of Kinemaster then the video or image file you have must have a green background behind it. This is a necessary requirement in order to use the chroma key feature since it is compatible only with green colour.

If you want to download the Chroma key file, you can easily download it from Google or from the website of the Kinemaster. You can download they Chroma key APK fully unlocked version by clicking on the download button below.

How To Use Chroma Key

If you are using the chroma keys feature for the first time or have any doubts regarding how to use it, then we have provided some useful steps regarding how to use this feature:

  • First, you must have an image which has a green background in it.
  • Next, you need to add that green screen background in the Kinemaster Timeline.
  • Now go to the Timeline and select the portion of the video with the green screen to apply the Chroma key feature.
  • Now, you need to select the Chroma Key option by going to the top-right of the application.
  • After you click in the Chroma Key feature, it will show the background options that you want to apply in the background of your video in Kinemaster.
  • After adding the background you can save the edited video.


There are two versions available for Kinemaster, free and paid. While there are some useful features in teh free version, not all features can be unlocked unless you subscribe to the full paid version. There are many features available in the unlocked version, such as the Chroma key feature. Also, the edited videos will not have the watermark in it, which is not what you want if you are going for a professional video-editing.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the installation process or any other topic, please feel free to contact us by commenting below. You can also visit the official Kinemaster website for detailed information regarding the same.

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