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How To Setup & Install Kinemaster For PC [Windows]

Kinemaster is the best professional video editing software available for Windows, Android and iOS. So today we shall provide you with a how-to guide related to Kinemaster for PC and information related to its features, etc.

There are many video-editing software available out there for both phones and PC’s. But most of them do not provide all the tools required to create a fully professional video. Hence if you are a Youtuber or are passionate about creating videos about different activities around you, you need a professional video editor like Kinemaster.

Kinemaster has free as well as a paid version. If you want to unlock all its professional tools like multiple video layers, blending modes, chroma key, etc. then you need to purchase the premium version of the software. The other added advantage it provides that the videos edited in the premium version do not carry any watermark.

So if you are a Youtuber, social media user, or a blogger, journalist, teacher, or marketer, you can use Kinemaster to create videos just for fun or professionally! Here we have provided you with a step-by-step tutorial on how you can download Kinemaster for Windows for free.

How To Use KineMaster For PC

The Kinemaster application is not available for Windows users. The only way Windows users can use Kinemaster Pro For PC is by installing third-party applications such as Andriod emulators which will emulate the features of the genuine version of the Kinemaster. There are many Android emulators such as Bluestacks, Andyroid, Memu, Nox, and more.

Kinemaster offers many features and tools to its users. Some of its major features are:

Features of Kinemaster For PC

  • Multi-Platform App: Kinemaster is created not just for smartphones. It is also designed for PCs and laptops. Hence you can edit and create professional-quality videos on any device wherever you are. Both the mobile and PC version is suitable for amateurs as well as professionals to create high-quality video and audio effects.
  • Multi-Layered Videos: This mobile editor supports unlimited text, images, handwriting and overlay layers, up to 10 video layers. It gives the users full freedom to adjust the layer positioning and timing. These layers can also be animated using preset animation effects or keyframe animation.
  • Tools of adjustment: This software provides a lot of picture and audio adjustment tools which enable you to edit your videos as per your choice. It has blending modes which allow you to emit white or black backgrounds, create double-exposure, and customize your own color filters.
  • Voice Recording: It allows you to add professional audio features to your video. It provides a real-time video-recording feature which uses your webcam and mic to record audio and video.
  • Social Media Sharing: For all the social media buffs, you can create videos in a professional format and share it directly across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

The best Android emulator according to us is Bluestacks. So here we shall provide you with the steps to install Bluestacks for using Kinemaster on PC:

  • First, you need to go to the Bluestacks official site, which you can go by clicking on this link.
  • Then you need to run the application to create or log in to your Google account, just like in your Android smartphone.
  • After you have set up your Google account, you need to go to the Play Store and search for Kinemaster.
  • Then you need to select the Kinemaster app and click on the Install button to start installing.
  • Now, you can start using  Kinemaster for laptop or PC for creating different kinds of videos and show it to the world.

So using these methods you should be able to download Kinemaster for computer. If you still have any queries, you can watch the video here :

Kinemaster For iOS

The Kinemaster application is also available in the iOS platform. So if you have an iPhone, you can download the application from the app store. For iOS users, Kinemaster is the best video editing application available for the iOS platform. Like the Android version, there are two versions of the application, i.e. free and paid. The paid version offers many professional tools like multiple layer support for video and text editing, cutting and trimming video with precision, multi-track and audio, etc. which are inbuilt in the application.

So here are the steps how can download Kinemaster for PC in few easy steps in your iPhone or iPad :

  • Open the App Store in your iPhone and open Kinemaster.
  • There would be several versions of the applications available in the results. Select the version which you want to install and then tap on Install.
  • The application shall start downloading automatically. Once it has been downloaded, you can see it in the list of downloaded apps.

Now you will have Kinemaster app installed on your phone. You can use it to add professional audio and video effects to create professional-quality images and videos.

Kinemaster For Mac

For all Apple’s Mac users, there is good news for you. You can use Kinemaster like on any Android device. All you need for it is an Android emulator since it is the only way to run an Android application on your device. There are many powerful emulators which are available online for free, as we have mentioned above. But since we are using Bluestacks. we shall be providing you with the installation link of Bluestacks and explain you teh steps to download Kinemaster using it.

  • First, you need to install Bluestacks to your Mac. You can download it by clicking on the link below:

  • Once you start running the emulator, you would like to create or log in to your Google account just like in Android device.
  • Now go to the Play Store account and in the search box, type “Kinemaster”.
  • You would find many versions of Kinemaster available there. You need to choose the version you would like to install and click on the Install button.’
  • The installation process will now begin. After the installation has been completed you can locate the app in your Desktop.

Install Kinemaster For PC Without Bluestacks

You might require to edit multimedia files such as videos and photos directly in your PC. But it becomes a time-consuming process to edit these files on your phone and then transfer them back to your PC everytime. Hence it is feasible to use a third-party application like emulators which would allow you to run the Andriod applications on your Windows PC and run any application which you want.

You must install an emulator which provides excellent graphics peerformance and can allow you to play games and edit videos in high-resolution without any lag.

So if you don’t want to install Video Editor App (Kinemaster) for PC using Bluestacks there are several other alternatives which are as goodHere is the list of the software which can act as Android emulators like Bluestacks. We have provided their download links here so you can directly download them from here by just clicking on the download button.

#1. NOX Player 5 

NOX is an Android emulator which is used by gaming geeks all over the world to get the best experience while playing Android games and apps on PC and Mac. Users can assign keyboard and mouse to the APK games and Apps with simple key mapping and can have access to host of functions like location, adjust volume, and much more.

#2 Memu Play

Memu Play is a fast Android emulator which allows users to play wide varieties of mobile games on PC. Like the other emulators, the controls are set up, so you can use a mouse or keyboard to play games.

#3. Droid 4X

Droid 4X is an Android emulator which provides a lot of options to its users to choose from a vast choice of Android apps which you can use to play a large variety of games and apps on your PC.

#4 Android Studio Emulator

This software acts just like a simulator and provides most of the capabilities of an Android device. It allows a greater level of simulation by simulating phone calls, text messages, etc. This emulator uses an Android Virtual Device (AVD) to specify the Android version and hardware characteristics of the simulated device.


Kinemaster is truly one of the most professional video editing software that is there and provides its users with full control over the videos that we create with features such as precision trimming, multi-layer images, etc. Here we have provided you with a complete guide regarding Kinemaster for PC If you still feel that you have any doubt for us, please feel free to contact us.

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