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Download KineMaster Mod APK v6 [Unlocked Version]

We are the smartphone generation who love to capture every moment and instantly upload them to our social media accounts. So for the world to see your memories through your eyes, you would like to use the best video-editing application, wouldn’t you? Well, trust Kinemaster Mod V6 to add some jaw-dropping effects to your photos and videos.

We would all agree that some of the best moments with our family and friends are captured unannounced. So not every frame captured is like the way you would want it to be. Using a powerful video editor like kinemaster mod v6 and kinemaster chroma key, it is possible to manage and control the way the video looks and also trim the unnecessary parts of the videos.

You can also through the other versions of Kinemaster we have provided you in our site, such as:

It is a powerful video-editing tool which is useful for both professionals and amateurs. It is a light-weight application which is compatible with smartphones and allows the users to use its cool editing features on the go.

So before taking you through a quick tour of the installation guide and sharing its link with you, let me first explain in brief what kinemaster mod V6 is all about.

What is KineMaster?

Like all other professional video editors, Kinemaster is available in many versions which keep getting updated. The pro version of this application is packed with all the features, for which you need premium subscription. Each of the versions come with many advanced effects, such as multiple video layers, 3D animations, transitions effects, background effects, etc. One of the best features probably it ha =s to offer is the direct social media sharing, which allows the users to directly share their videos to platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

The basic or the free version of the Kinemaster does contain some of the best features it has to offer to its users, but its biggest drawback is that it leaves the watermark of “Made With Kinemaster” in the edited videos. Thus it is not suitable for professional level editing where the watermark should not be visible.

Hence for such situations, the modded versions comes as the best option, since has similar features to the Kinemaster Pro APK, but comes at a far lesser price.

Now let us see what features does Kinemaster has to offer to its users:

  • Multiple layers to videos
  • Mixing 8 or more audio tracks simultaneously
  • Video Effects
  • Blending modes
  • Video Trimming Feature
  • Audio recording
  • Volume Envelope

And many more features…

KineMaster Lite v6 Download

Now that you know about the Kinemaster Mod V6, let us now dive straight into how to use it. If you are a beginner and are worrying about how to use it, it is actually very simple to use it. Here are the basic pointers which you need to keep in mind while downloading the application:

Step 1: First you need to click on the download button provided below to start downloading.

Step 2: After the application has opened, click on the red button and click on Project Assistant. Using this will easier to edit the video in Kinemaster.

Step 3: From the options, select any video theme such as birthdays, beaches, etc.

Step 4: You will find options for opening, ending and middle phrases. Choose one for each.

Step 5: Now choose the right background music and upload the one which would be suitable to the video.

Step 6: Now the app will work wonders for your video and allow you to have control over every aspect of it.


We have made this site to provide you informational guide related to Kinemaster. If you want to have the complete information regarding the Kinemaster mod v6, please visit the official site of Kinemaster. If you want me to cover more topics related to Kinemaster or any other suggestions/queries, please let us know through the comments section below.

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