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Download Printable May 2020 Calendar [PDF, Excel & Word]

For all your holiday plans and for scheduling for the month ahead, we have provided you here with May 2020 calendar templates. These templates are provided here in PDF, Excel and Word formats and in a print-friendly version. So you can directly download it in your devices and edit it according to your preference.

Now with different tools of scheduling and planning available, do you wonder why do you even require a calendar? Well, the simple answer to your question is that a calendar helps us to schedule all our tasks according to months, weeks or days, all in pre-formatted sections. Hence you do not need to create your own format and enter your goals, daily tasks or to-do lists in these sections only. So if you are a person with responsibilities, or want to organize your events for the month, then using these calendars are beneficial for you.

With our busy and hectic schedules, we don’t have time to prepare elaborate schedules. Hence in such situations, printable calendar templates are very useful since these help us save time and prioritize the events and keep track of them. These also act as a reminder and holidays planner so these are quite efficient for keeping us organized throughout the month. Since different formats of the calendar are required for different purposes, we have provided you here with the PDF, Word and Excel format of the calendars. So you can choose all or any of the formats for planning for your holidays, office, home, or literally anything.

Let us share with you some interesting facts about the month of May:

May is the fifth month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and has 31 days in it. It marks the Spring in the Northern hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. This month is an exciting time for everyone since it is the beginning of summer vacations and everyone is planning for holidays with their family and friends. Apart from that, there are some holidays also which fall in this month such as Memorial Day.

Want to plan ahead for the rest of the year too? Then maybe you would find our other templates too:

Why Is It Necessary To Schedule?

As we have told you before if you have a busy lifestyle and have many responsibilities, it is very difficult for us to remember all the tasks and events. Although we might remember the important dates and schedules, we might not remember the small tasks which we require to do every day. So to avoid wasting unnecessary time in remembering the small tasks, we can create a schedule for the whole month. It is difficult even for the most organized of us to remember all the tasks, so it is always beneficial for us to have our schedule recorded in the monthly calendar.

Want some reasons for the benefits of creating a schedule? Here we have listed the benefits of creating a schedule which you might find useful:

1. Planning helps you to have a foresight and note down the schedule for the month beforehand and follow it systematically. Hence it helps to reduce the unnecessary stress you take regarding planning and complete the tasks priority-wise.

2. This helps you to create a variety of schedules from a simple to-do list to a detailed monthly planner. So it will help you accomplish all the goals for the month.

3. It helps you focus on the important tasks in hand and hence complete the tasks on time.

4. It helps you have the goal in place so you can accomplish them throughout the year.

5. If you have been given the responsibility to lead a project, then organizing the schedule is not only useful for you but also helps to guide the people working with you in the team.

How To Download May 2020 Calendars?

There are various ways in which you can use these printable calendars. These are available in the PNG, PDF, Excel and the Word format. So here we shall be explaining you the steps to download these calendars in all these formats:-

Directly Download From the Browser:

  1. Click on the PDF/Excel/Word link below the image to open the image in its respective format.
  2. You can find the Print option in the file manager. Click on the Print option, and it will start printing your file.

Print Them Via Adobe Reader (For PDF version):

If you desire to take a printout of the PDF version of the template, you can do so using the Adobe Reader. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the PDF link given below the image you desire to take a printout of.
  2. The download will start automatically.
  3. Once downloaded, open the file using Adobe Reader.
  4. Give the Print command to start printing.

For Desktop Devices:

  1. Select the desired image and click on the PDF/Excel/ Word download link as per your requirement.
  2. Open the downloaded file in MS Office.
  3. Next, select the Print option, and your printing will start.

Free May 2020 Printable Calendar in Word and PDF

May 2020 Calendar               May 2020 Printable Calendar                       May 2020 Blank Calendar

     PDF | Word                    PDF| Word                                   PDF | Word    

May 2020 Calendar     May 2020 Printable Calendar  May 2020 Blank Calendar 

May 2020 Calendar Word              May Calendar 2020        May 2020 Calendar With Holidays  

            PDF|Word                                             PDF|Excel|Word                            PDF|Word

May 2020 Calendar Word        May Calendar 2020     May 2020 Calendar With Holidays  


Creating a schedule is not a time-taking task at all, it will take just about 15-20 minutes of your time. But once prepared, it will help you save a lot of time and efforts to plan for your holidays and schedule the remaining tasks too smoothly. So download these May 2020 calendars right away and start planning for the holidays

If you have any queries for us, please feel free to contact us through the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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