Palm Beach County School Calendar 2019-2020

Palm Beach County School Calendar 2019 2020 HowToWikii Palm Beach County School Calendar 2019-2020

Palm Beach school is one of the biggest county schools in the district of Florida. So if you are looking for one of the best public schools to take admissions in Florida, then Palm Beach County School District is one of the best school districts in Florida. Here we shall provide you with the information related to the school holiday calendar which shall be beneficial for the students, staff, parents and other individual who just want to gather information about the school.

The Palm Beach County School District is the tenth-largest public school districts in the USA, and the fifth-largest school district in Florida. It welcomes more than 1,93,000 students with about 146 languages and dialects. The school community consists of a total of 180 schools, consisting of 109 elementary schools, 34 middle schools, 23 high schools and 14 alternative and adult community schools.

Palm Beach County School Holidays 2019-2020

Elementary Schools in Palm Beach County District 

  • Acreage Pines Elementary School
  • Addison Mizner Elementary School
  • Allamanda Elementary School
  • Banyan Creek Elementary School
  • Barton Elementary School
  • Belle Glade Elementary School
  • Belvedere Elementary School
  • Benoist Farms Elementary School
  • Berkshire Elementary School
  • Binks Forest Elementary School
  • Boca Raton Elementary School

Middle Schools in Palm Beach County District

  • Bak Middle School of the Arts
  • Bear Lakes Middle School
  • Boca Raton Community Middle School
  • Carver Community Middle School
  • Christa McAuliffe Middle School
  • Congress Middle School
  • Conniston Community Middle School
  • Crestwood Middle School
  • Don Estridge High Tech Middle School

The mission and values of the school are to provide the students, teachers and every individual with a dynamic and multicultural environment where the motto is to provide lifelong education for everyone.

Palm Beach County School Calendar 2019-2020

A school calendar is an important tool in a student’s life to organize their study schedule and implement discipline in their lives. It helps to inculcate interest in the students regarding the various school activities as they can have the schedule of all the academic as well as non-academic activities occurring in the schools throughout the year. An academic calendar contains the list of holidays and activities month-wise so it is necessary for every student, staff, teacher and parent to track and manage their activities accordingly.

The reason why this school community is regarded as one of the best choices for education for thousands of students is that it strives to provide quality education and supports every student to discover their talent and reach their highest potential. And for achieving this mission, they have a team of qualified staff who are passionate to develop the young minds into responsible citizens of tomorrow by imparting the required knowledge, skills and moral values. All these are required by the students to select and excel in the career of their choices too.

Here we have provided you with the complete academic calendar for the year 2019-2020.

Palm Beach County School Calendar 2019-2020


Palm Beach County School Terms 2019-2020

The Palm Beach School community comprises of various members, such as students, teachers, visiting staff, etc. All of them need to have a calendar to schedule all their tasks and have their plan for the month prepared beforehand. For instance, teachers need to prepare a report of all the lessons they have taught during the month. So they can use the calendar to prepare an outline of their lesson plans and follow it accordingly. They also need to manage other information, such as the performance of the students, attendance record, events, etc. So an academic calendar becomes a must-have for them since it acts as their memory and enables them to note down all the important information at one place only.

So for the convenience of all the members of the school community, such as teachers, students, parents, etc. we have provided here a table consisting of the complete term holidays for 2019-2020. The school management decided to make some changes in the academic calendar, so here we have provided you with the updated list of the holidays for the session 2019-2020. If the board decides to make any further changes in the schedule, we shall update it here.


School Calendar Starts  Finishes
First Day of School 12th August, 2019
Fall Holiday September 30th, 2019 (Monday)
Thanksgiving Holiday November 25th, 2019 (Wednesday) November 29th, 2019 (Friday)
Winter Break December 23rd, 2019 (Monday) January 1st, 2020 (Wednesday)
Winter Break January 2nd, 2020 (Thursday) January 3rd, 2020 (Friday)
Spring Break May 23rd, 2020 (Saturday) May 27th, 2020 (Wednesday)
Last Day of School May 29th, 2020 (Friday)


Here we have also provided you with the PDF version of the calendar and the list of holidays. So you can easily download and print the PDF version of these images. The PDF version is convenient since you can easily print it and edit it according to your requirements. So you can mark all the important events you want to participate in or some important deadlines or reminders month-wise.

Palm Beach County School Terms 2019-2020


If you do not want to9 download the PDF version, you can also save this calendar in your devices in the PNG format by right-clicking on the image and saving it. This way, you can store the image in your devices and keep yourself updated with all the important activities of the school even when you are away from home.


We hope we could provide you with all the information regarding your term holidays and the academic calendar. If you want some more information regarding your school holidays or events, you can drop a message in the comments section below. We would be happy to look into your query and provide you with the information.


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