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How To Propose To a Girl [in 4+ Ways]

You don’t need to wait for Propose Day to express your feelings to the girl you love! A proposal is a special moment which is generally initiated by the boy, but now the times are changing, and girls also don’t hesitate to express their feelings. But here we shall talk about how to propose to a girl, and what are the various methods through which you can propose. If the girl accepts the relationship, it will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship for you.

So if there is a girl you really love and want to propose, you must be thinking hard about a special way to make the girl feel special and make the moment memorable. There is no perfect way to propose to a lady, it has to be your own unique method and you need to work your brains for this! It depends upon person-to-person, the temperament of the girl and her likes and dislikes as well. You should never make the mistake of copying someone’s else proposal style, as it will ruin your special moment and you will lose your girl forever.

So we have taken off some of the load off your shoulders and provided you here with some best ways to propose a girl. The rest depends upon your own unique and creative style of proposing, and of course, the timing and the existing relationship you share with the lady.

How To Propose a Girl

On Chat


We are the “Gram” generation, always hooked up to Instagram and social media sites and oblivious of the real world around us. So, no wonder, most of the millennials, and even others prefer to take the online route to confess love. You might be shy to confess your love to the person face-to-face, and it is understandable. So what’s better than using the good ol’ social media to profess your love to your girl?

Since proposing through chat requires good use of words, you must be thoughtful about the words that you use. It should be heartfelt and should be able to express your feelings to the person clearly. A proposal through chat can really be one of the best decisions you will take, provided that you use the correct words and expressions. The lines you use to propose will forever be etched in you and your partner’s mind, so you should really put efforts for this one.

Here we have shared with you some of the creative and best messages which you can use to propose to the person you love. Feel free to add your own twist to these messages, and we bet that the person won’t be able to reject you!

Sample 1 —

Your presence is enough to be assured that everything will be alright even in the worst of situations. That smile of yours has got me hooked Your love has made me crazy. I don’t know if forever exists, but I don’t need to know as long I have you by my side. And I want to be with all my life. I love you

Sample 2–

My eyes don’t find peace until they look at your mesmerizing face. I don’t find interest in anything unless you are there. You have slowly come into my life and become the reason for my happiness. I don’t know what I would do even for a second without you. Not even a second passes when you don’t occupy my mind and heart. I want to stay with you forever and make you my life. I love you.

Sample 3–

I love you so much. I just want to be with you. We will be each other’s partners in crime and be childish, goofy, romantic, angry, sad, crazy and just anything we want to be with each other. I want to travel the world with you and make the journey more beautiful as I spend time with you seeing all the beautiful sights of the world. I just want to be with you always.

On Phone/ Call

Our phones have become our saviours for everything – whether we want to search for even the smallest of information or use it for chatting with our friends or family. So for today’s smartphone generation, one of the most effective a convenient ways to propose to a girl is through phone or call. If we talk about proposing over the phone, the options which are available are through chat, phone, social media, etc. We have already discussed how you can propose to a girl through chat. now here we shall discuss how you can propose to a girl over a call.

Speaking to a girl can be a nervous moment for a boy, especially if he is speaking to a girl he is in love with. Hence you must take a deep breath and think about how you can converse to a girl over the phone and propose to her.

To help you in your precious moments of proposing to a girl, we have provided you with some points you can take care of while proposing to her over the phone.

For Marriage

If you have spent a significant amount of time with a girl, and feel you are compatible with her, then you can take the next step of proposing marriage to her. Remember to not rush into things, and let your relationship take its own natural course. You should propose only when you feel the time is right and when you are ready for it. The timing also matters since you must never propose to a girl when she is upset or angry. It will ruin your proposal without any reason and create rifts in your relationship.

So words play a vital part in your proposal, since it can make or break your special moment, and you both are going to cherish it for the rest of your life. Hence you must do your homework and carefully pick words before proposing marriage to a girl.

Here are some best proposal quotes which you can use while proposing to a girl for marriage :

Sample 1–

The days I don’t spend time with you, I don’t count it in days. I want to remain with you forever.

Sample 2–

I promise you, no one will work as hard to put that smile on your face or cherish you more than me

Sample 3–

Let all my happiness be yours, and all my sadness be mine. Let the whole world be yours, I just want to to be mine!

For Love

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world which has no comparison to other feelings. And if you have found a person with whom you can share this feeling, it will be the best phase of your life. So if you want to confess your love to a lady, you will want it to be extra special and a day to remember. You would want to confess your love in a unique way.

So here we have provided you with some beautiful quotes and lines which will make it easier for you to propose to a girl. So you can think of some ideas from here on how to propose a girl.

In School

Childhood romances are the sweetest and memorable for us. It is innocent love between two people where they don’t judge each other and there are no complications which come with adulthood. So to start this beautiful phase and to propose a girl in school, you can keep in mind the following tips :

  • Start By Beginning a Friendship:- 

It is said that the foundation of a long-lasting relationship is friendship. So first you must become friends with her before you can propose her. If you hae known her for a few weeks only, then proposing can be a bad idea since she wouldn’t accept your proposal. 

Start with a simple “hi” and let the conversation take its own natural course. You don’t need to overthink about this, just be yourself and try to strike a general conversation.

  • Get To Know Her:-

If you are interested in her, you would naturally want to know about her. So ask her questions about her likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, family, etc. This will strengthen your bond over time and let her know that you are interested in her.

  • Be Your Own Self:-

This is the most important rule for any relationship. You shouldn’t pretend to be someone else in front of a girl in order to impress her. This will lead you to nowhere, as you will not feel confident about yourself and sooner or later, she will find out that what you portrayed of yourself was not true. So if the girl likes you, she will respond positively to who you are. You can be open and frank with her and pour out your secrets which you cannot reveal to anyone else. You can even take your conversation on a personal note when both of you are alone.

  • Use Humour:-

Girls like boys who have a decent sense of humour. So use this to your advantage and make the girl laugh whenever you can. This will certainly strengthen your bond and impress the girl gradually. If you are naturally blessed with a good sense of humour and wit, then use it amply to impress the girl. She will definitely like hanging around and spend with you.

What To Say To Propose a Girl

You want your proposal to be meaningful and memorable, right? So you want your moment to be unique and cherished forever. If you have known the girl only for a few days, then you should avoid proposing to the girl and wait for at least a few months until you both get to know each other better.

Remember to choose the perfect time to propose to a girl, since timing matters a lot. If you choose to propose when the mood of the girl is not good, then all your efforts would go waste. And on the day of the proposal, be calm and confident and just be yourself. 

Here we have provided you with some beautiful quotes which you can use while proposing to a girl. You can select the lines you like the best, and these sure will make your proposal one of a kind!

Best Way To Propose a Girl

Now you feel is the right time to pop the question to the girl of your dreams! But you might be nervous and run out of ideas about how can you make your proposal unique and memorable. After all, every proposal should be unique right? While the old way of bending down on one knee never goes out of style, your girl would certainly appreciate if you put in your own thoughts to propose to her.

So to help you with your most precious moment, we have provided you here with some ideas which you can use to make your lady feel most special :

1. Be Yourself: This is a simple rule which we often forget while trying to impress a girl. Remember that a girl will sense in seconds if you try to be someone else, and certainly, that will be a great let-down for her. So relax, and just be your own self. A girl would fall in love with who you are, anyways.

2. The old school- Bend Down On Your Knees: This is the most chivalrous and age-old method proposing, which never goes out of style. This will surely win your lady over. After all, which girl doesn’t like a bit of chivalry, right? Give her chocolate, red rose, or your own unique gift while proposing.

3. A Cosy Dinner: Try taking her out for a dinner to someplace she loves eating out. To make the moment straight out of the movies and awe-worthy, get her favourite tracks played.

4. Take Her Back To Memories: This will surely earn you brownie points and take your proposal to the next level. Take her to the place you first met, and relive the memories together. This will surely bring back some nostalgic and fun moments, and make your proposal hard to resist!

Conclusion :

Who doesn’t like to be proposed in a unique way? So you need to do a little bit of homework and practice some lines in order to make your proposal the best ever. Whatever method you choose, your proposal should be unique and make the girl feel special. Do you have any other ideas regarding some unique ways of a proposal? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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