Download Printable September 2020 Calendar [PDF, Excel & Word]

Download Printable September 2020 Calendar PDF Excel Word HowToWikii Download Printable September 2020 Calendar [PDF, Excel & Word]

Planning is an important part of our lives which everyone needs to pay attention to. So download these September 2020 calendars we have provided here in PDF, Excel and Word format.

We all have tried to create schedules and reminders for ourselves. It could be by creating that to-do list, sticky notes, or setting reminders in our phones. But the key to good planning is easy-to-follow plans which would motivate you to follow them rather than become another checklist to complete. Hence it is very important to note down your schedule in someplace which would not require much effort and yet be edited easily.

Free September 2020 Calendar Printable Template

And here’s where printable calendars fit the bill. These calendars are easily available online in PDF, Excel and other formats. So these can be edited in your device’s even without requiring to take a printout. These have ample space in then so you can use them for noting down your personal reminders or targets for your workplace. So this will help you create a balance between your personal and professional life and give ample time to both of them.

Want to plan ahead for the rest of the year too? Then maybe you can have a look at the other templates we have:

Little Information About September

September is the ninth month in both Julian and Gregorian calendars. The name is derived from the Latin word Septem, which means Seven. It marks the beginning of Autumn in the Northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

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If you want to look for the holidays during September, or require to work on a new project, you can use the blank September Calendar templates which are available here. These will help you to build your schedule by noting down the priority tasks and differentiating them from the other routine tasks. You can highlight your important events or use a different colour to mark them differently. In this way, you would be able to categorize your tasks according to their importance and divert your efforts and resources towards them.

Here are other benefits of beginning your month by creating a schedule and following it thereafter:

  1. These calendars already have the dates and days marked. So you do not have to waste time creating them and can enter your tasks easily as per the days or the week.
  2. You can mark the dates in them by highlighting them, thus keeping you aware about the important events and reminding you about the time left for the same. And you wouldn’t have to do much efforts for the same as the dates and the holidays are already marked in the calendar.
  3. You can carry these calendars with you anywhere whether in a meeting or sharing it with your clients. Thus it helps you to organize all the relevant information in one place which you can segregate according to priority.

How To Make Schedules Using These Calendars

  1. First, identify your priority events for the month and note them down first. You can colour code different events such as appointments, meetings, etc. according to their importance.
  2. You can allot different time to your tasks. The time duration may vary from a few hours to a few days to weeks, depending upon the task. Note down the time period for each task before the event in the calendar.
  3. You can keep the weekends reserved for family and friends and try to avoid any important work during these days.
  4. It is the best to download the calendar in a device such as mobile phones.

Simple Steps To Download All the Calendar Formats

1. Download PDF Format 

  1. Take the cursor to the template which you like and click on the PDF download link below it.
  2. The file will open in a separate tab in the browser. Find the download button at the top-right side and click on it.
  3. As soon as the command is given, the download will begin.
  4. Once downloaded, you can open the file and start editing directly. You can name the file and save in your desired folder.

2. Download PNG Format

  1. Right-click over the image which you want to download and select “Save As” option.
  2. The image will be saved in the “Downloads” folder by default. You can change it by renaming the image and saving it in your desired folder.

3. Download Word Format

  1. Find the calendar which you find useful and click on the Word download link below it.
  2. The file will start downloading.
  3. You can open the file and start editing it directly in Word. You can save it in your desired folder for viewing and editing later on.

4. Download Excel Format

  1. After selecting your template, find the Excel download link below it.
  2. The Excel file shall start downloading.
  3. You can open it and edit in the Spreadsheet. Once you are done, you can change its location.

Free September 2020 Printable Calendar in Word and PDF

September 2020 Calendar                           September 2020 Printable Calendar                                 September 2020 Blank Calendar

     PDF|Word                                                     PDF|Word                                                                            PDF|Word

September 2020 Calendar          September 2020 Printable Calendar                 September 2020 Blank Calendar


Calendars are the best tools since these can be used to track dates as well as act as schedulers and planners as per our will. You can download the September calendar templates from here in any format as per your requirement. We hope you found these templates useful for all your planning and scheduling needs! Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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