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How To Connect Smart TV To Wi-Fi [With or Without WiFi Adapter]

Taking entertainment to the next level, smart TV’s are meant for TV viewing and much more. So if you have purchased a smart TV, connect smart TV to wifi might seem a task. This is true for the first-time users as well as those who are quite gadget-friendly.

The Smart Tv’s have made their entry quite recently in the market and have disrupted it since. There are many brands which have made these TV’s popular, such as LG. Samsung, Panasonic, etc. What has made these TV a rage among the consumers is their brilliant display, sound effects, slim bezel, and of course, internet access! So the next time you want to binge-watch a series on Netflix, you can do so by enjoying it on the big screen. In short, these TV’s are an excellent choice for those who want an enriching TV viewing experience along with varied activities such as watching movies, playing online games, browse the internet, and much more.

Now if you have brought home a new Smart TV, you must be wondering how to connect it to your wirelessly. Well, each brand addresses the wireless connection differently. Some might refer to it as wi-fi, others may refer it to Wireless, Wireless Home Network or Home Network. So it is important that you don’t get confused between these terms.

Now let us look at the different possible ways to browse internet On TV.

How To Connect TV To Internet Without Computer

If your TV has built-in WiFi, then it is easier for you to connect the internet to your TV. There are wireless and wired options for doing so.

Let us see look at the steps at how you can connect your TV to the internet wirelessly.

How To Connect TV To WiFi Wirelessly

Before connecting your TV to the internet, make sure your home wi-fi is working.

Step# 1: When you first set -up your TV, you will come across a first-time set up screen.

Step# 2: Now you will be guided to the initial setup process.

Step# 3: Now during the initial setup, the TV might manually scan for the available wi-fi networks.

Step# 4: Once the network setup is completed, select the network from the available list.

Step#5: After you have selected the network, enter the network password (key).

Step# 6: Once you enter the correct password, a message will be displayed that your TV will be connected to the wi-fi to the network and the internet.

Step# 7: Upon the confirmation of wi-fi, your TV will display the option of software or firmware update. If this message appears, click on “Yes”.

Step #8: Once the wi-fi setup is complete, you will be asked to complete the rest of the set-up, such as adding streaming apps, sound and picture settings, etc.

How To Connect Wi-Fi To TV By Wired Connections

Step# 1: Find the Ethernet port at the back of your TV.

Step# 2: Connect the ethernet cable from the router to the port of your TV.

Step #3: Select the Menu option on the TV remote. From there go to the Network settings.

Step #4: Select the option to enable wired internet.

Step #5: Now type the wi-fi password and connect it to the internet.


Steps To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Internet

Brought a new Samsung Smart TV? Then you must connect it  to a wireless or wired network. So if you are facing any samsung tv internet connection problems then you can read the following guide we have provided here. This guide is provided to help you setup your wi-fi tpo your TV manually.

 Note: The 2018 models NU7100/NU710D, NU7200, and NU7300/NU730D only support 2.4 Ghz networks. They will not detect 5 Ghz networks.

Step #1: Use the directional pad on your TV’s remote to select Settings>General>Network.

Step #2: Then select Open Network Settings and select Wi-Fi network.

Step #3: Now you would require to enter the required network password.

Step #4: Lastly select Done and select Done.

You can find the MAC address on Samsung Smart TV by going to Settings>Support>About this TV> or Contact Samsung.

How To Connect Your Samsung Smart TV Through Wired Connection

Step# 1: Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the LAN port of your Samsung TV.

Step# 2: Connect the other end of your Ethernet cable to your wi-fi router.

Step# 3: Press the Menu button on your Samsung remote.

Step #4: Now scroll to Network settings and select it.

Step#5: Select “Wired” as Network type.

Step #6: Select on Network Test to check that your network connection has been setup properly. A message will be displayed showing that your network connection has been completed.

Here is a tutorial video for setting up Samsung TV internet connections through both wired and wireless options:




Steps To Connect Samsung TV To Wifi Without Adapter

You have brought a new Samsung TV but your Samsung smart tv not finding wireless network? Worry not, we have made a quick guide for that.

Before you start connecting the wires and confuse yourself with which wire should be connected to which port, you must check whether your TV has an ethernet port at the back. If it does, you can connect an ethernet cable at the port to provide wired internet access to your TV.

If it does not have an ethernet port, then you must connect your TV to the internet wirelessly. It should be an easy task if the wireless internet connection is a built-in feature in your TV.

Now, if your TV does not have a feature for wired internet connectivity or wireless internet connectivity, you can use a wireless USB adapter to connect your TV to the internet. These USB adapters are easily available online at a price not more than $100.

Now let’s get you to the steps to connect your TV to the internet using a USB adapter:

Step# 1: First, set up your home router with your Username and Password. Make sure it is broadcasting wirelessly.

Step# 2: If you already have a home wireless connection setup, then connect the wireless adapter to the USB port of your TV.

Step# 3: Press the Menu button and select Setup

Step #4: Select Network.

Step #5: If your Network connection has not been set to Wireless, then set it to Wireless.

Step #6: Next, select Network Setup.

Step #7: Now click on Select a Network.

Step #8: Now your TV will scan for the available networks automatically. Choose teh required network.

Step #9: After choosing a network, enter its password. Use your remote control buttons to navigate and type in the alphabets and numerals in the screen. After entering your password, press Enter.

Step #10: Wait for a few seconds for your Tv to connect to the wi-fi. If the TV does not connect, go to the Network Setup and check the IP address settings.


We hope you found this guide useful in connecting your Smart TV to your wifi or router. Please share your experience about the same in the comments section below.


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