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Writing a thank you letter never goes out of style even though there are many alternatives to express the same feelings in different ways. A donation thank you letter is an important business letter used by charitable organizations and NGOs for thanking someone for their financial or other types of contribution towards their organization. Every donation received is important for an NGO or a charitable organization, and hence thanking your donors is a sign of gratitude and appreciation for their efforts, however small it may be.

So here we shall provide you with how-to guide regarding the thank you letter for donation including structure and some examples for your easy reference.

Sample Thank You Letter For Donation

A thank you letter is an important business letter used by charitable organizations in their daily operations. Hence to make it more effective it must be written in a proper format and structure. Here we shall explain to you how to write a well-worded thank you letter using a few examples.

Sample #1 

Dear Annie,

I just opened the mail and found your very generous donation received from you. Your support will go a long way in supporting our campaign against eradicating malnutrition amongst school children and supporting the school for the same. A small amount donated by you can go a long way in making the future of children of all age group in our school secure by providing them with

Here at XYZ, our goal is to make sure that students get good nutrition for their overall physical and mental development. Rport show that students who start school with breakfast perform better than those who do not. Thanks to contributions like yours, we have fed over 2000 children since the program started.

We at XYZ are on a mission to eradicate food malnutrition among school students so that they do not have to stay hungry and perform better at school. With the help of your contribution, we shall provide the students with healthy breakfast consisting of cereals, milk and eggs, so that they can get the required energy and nutrition to continue their studies. With the help of generous donors like you, we have been able to feed around 2000 students since the program started.

Once again, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you! Your contribution can touch the life of a student.

With gratitude,



Dear Vendor,

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks for your generous gift donations. Your donation went a long way in making our annual company picnic a roaring success! The most popular game was surely the raffle, with your gift being a hit as a prize.

Again, thank you for your kind gesture and quality gifts! Your contribution went a long way in spreading cheer among the participants and also collect funds for the cause of educating girl child.



Donation Thank You Letter Templates

Donation Thank You Letter Templates

Donation Thank You Letter Templates

If you want to thank your donors for the invaluable contribution they have made, a thank you letter is the best option. It helps you to express your feelings in words and add a personalized feeling to it by mentioning how their donation specifically helped you with your cause.

So to help you understand the format and the expressions used in writing a donation thank you letter, here are templates which you can use as a reference.

How To Write a Thank You Letter For a Donation

We might think that writing a thank you letter is the easiest thing in the world. But, if not written properly, it will not create an impact upon the reader and your efforts might go waste. Even worse, you might lose a valuable donor if he or she is not convinced about where their money donated has been actually utilized. Hence, through a thank you letter, you can convince them that their contribution is being used for the cause as promised and how it has impacted the program for which it was intended.

Now let us explain in short the procedure how to write a thank you letter for donation.

Here is an example the structure of a thank you note for donation to friends which you can use as a reference


Here is an example of how a thank you note for donation to friends can be started :

“Thanks to you, five children have bee able to get a loving home where they can play and feel safe with children fo their own age groups and get a safe space where they can grow and thrive.”


“Thank you for your generous donation of $[amount] to [Name of Organization]. Your concern and support towards displaced children will go a long way in making this city a better place to live for these children and can make a difference in their lives. They would be able to get a good education, food, clothes for their growth and learning. Most importantly, they would have a safe space which they would be able to call home and not feel neglected or deprived of the basic necessities.”


“You are welcome anytime to visit our organziation and meet these lovely kids and spend time with them. You can witness how our staff of 15 teachers are dedicated to teach the 50 students. You can also have a tour of their homes and spend a day with them by playing with them or even making friends with them. With little nurture and care, these kids have a bright future and can achieve great heights of success.

Again, please accept my humble thanks for your concern and support for these lovely kids. Your contribution and love makes them a part of their loves for which they will be forever indebted to you.”

Format of Thank You Letter For Donation To School

Now let us look at the layout or structure of Thank You For your donation letter. Writing a thank you letter to a donor need not be difficult it can be easily provided the proper format is followed. Here given below is the format which must be followed while writing a professional thank you letter

  • Salutation: Address the donor by their name, unless they have insisted otherwise. This will create an impact on the reader that this message is specially customized for them. For example “Dear Mrs Smith”, “Dear Annie Smith”, etc.
  • Introduction: Start by thanking the recipient and letting them know how much you are grateful for their donation. Be specific about the donation that you have received from them and let them know how much their contribution is valuable for the project they have donated.
  • Closing: Here, you can thank them again for their support and contribution. Let them know that their contribution is important for the organization.

Donation Thank You Letter Examples

Now we will provide here some examples of some thank you letter donation for various purposes. So you can take help of these examples to understand how to write a thank you letter better or use them as a reference to write your own thank you letter.

Thank You Letter Template For Sponsorship Donation

This thank you letter is written to the sponsors of your event after the successful completion of it. Here we have provided you with two examples of thank you letter :


Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for agreeing for being a sponsor for [Name of the Event]. What a success it has been! And all this has been possible because of your generous support and donation.

This year, it was more important for us to find sponsors for our event since we wanted to increase the scale of our event. Your invaluable contribution of $[amount] goes a long way in taking our mission forward and restoring our faith in the cause we have taken up.

Please accept our heartfelt and sincere thanks for your support.

Best Regards.



Dear [Name],

We would like to extend our warm thanks for your continued support for [Name of the Program] as we have received an amount of $[amount]. Because of the generous and constant support of sponsors such as you, we are confident that we would be able to take our mission in bettering the lives of young children in [city/state].

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks once again for joining with us on this mission and being part of it. We look forward to your continued support for the program and making the lives of hundreds of children secure.

Yours sincerely,


Executive Director

Non Profit Donation Thank You Letter

A non-profit donation letter is written by an NGO to their donors on the receipt of financial or any other kind of aid from them for a particular mission or program.

Here we have provided you with an example of donation thank you letter for Non-Profit Organization.


Dear [Name],

We made it! Due to your support, XYZ [Name of the Organization] was able to raise an amount of $[amount] during the [name of the event]. Your generous support enables us to provide food and clothes to elderly people living in [name of place].

The elderly and destitute have always been a vulnerable group, who are looked down upon by society and considered as a burden. Some of them do not receive the love and care from their families as much as they should and don’t have means for basic necessities like food, shelter, clothes, etc. But thanks to people like you, the scenario is changing and we are able to make a difference in the lives of around 1,500 elderly people in the [name of area] who need support in terms of clothing, food, shelter, etc.

Yours sincerely,


Sample Donation Thank You Letter For Tax Purposes

For encouraging people to make donations for charitable causes, there is a provision in law for tax benefits to those people who make a donation. Here we shall provide you with a sample of thank you donation letter for tax purposes


Dear ABC,

On behalf of [Name of Organization], thank you for supporting [Name of Event and Date of Event]. Your donation for [Description of Services or Items] is important for the success of our fundraising event.

In the current year, we plan to [state continued efforts or expected growth]. So for the costs of [what the organization does we would like your continued support in the future too.

We are pleased to inform you that [organization’s name] is a 501(e)(3) organization. So whatever donation you make is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Again, thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,



So here we discussed in detail about the various formats of donation thank you letters and provided you with useful examples and templates. We hope this article was helpful to you in writing an effective thank you letter to your valuable sponsors or donors. If you want to know more or have any queries, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below, and we would be happy to help.


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