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If you are a sports fan, then you must be enthusiastic about watching the next UFC match. So if you want to watch the match live in HD quality, you must consider UFC on PPV (or Pay Per View) model.  Ultimate Fighting Championship (or UFC) organizes the most viewed MMA sporting event in the world and brings together some of the best MMA fighters on the arena. So if you are a sports fan, you can live stream the matches through kodi add-ons. As you know, the PPV model is the latest trend in the digital entertainment platform. In this, viewers can subscribe to certain channels or programs by paying a fee for a certain time period. So if you are a sports fan, you should certainly go for it, since you would be able to live to stream your favorite matches and never miss an exciting moment in the match.

Koi has emerged as one of the favorite online digital platforms which allow its users to watch movies, sports, cartoons, documentaries, etc. for free or by paying certain fees. There are many Kodi which are especially recommended for a sports fan to stream matches live or watch the highlights later on.

So we have created this guide especially for UFC fans explaining how-to guide related to UFC free live stream and all the information you will need. 

Best Kodi To Watch UFC Free on Kodi [2020 Updated List]

Kodi is one of the best media player platforms that is supported by various operating systems and hardware platforms. There are many platforms which support PPV on Kodi. But not many contain the section for UFC.

So we shall provide you here with an updated list of Kodi add-ons which allow you to watch UFC Free on Kodi. 

  • Planet MMA

It is the best Kodi addon to watch UFC matches anywhere in HD quality. It enables you to stream live match, or watch previous matches. And it is a complete sports Kodi add-on since it has a lot of content other than UFC matches.

  • Supremacy

This is another Kodi add-on which supports live streaming of videos. It is available in Supremacy repository. It is one of the best sports Kodi add-ons and has the best features of other Kodi add-ons.

  • Sports Devil

Yet another popular live Kodi add-on, it has a lot of content related to sports. It has many categories and sub-categories related to sports.

How To Watch UFC 227 and 229 on Kodi

Before accessing any third party sources like Kodi Add-Ons, it is suggested that you turn on the VPN to protect yourself from security threats and your ISP being tracked.

So are you an MMA fan who doesn’t want to miss any of the UFC matches and support your favorite MMA fighters? The best way to view the match and the adrenaline rush that comes with it is to live in your favorite devices such as PlayStation, PC or Amazon Firestick.

Here we are going to provide you a step-by-step guide on how you can watch free streams UFC using the Kodi Supremacy. So you can watch the UFC 227 or 229 matches using the Kodi add on, or wait for the next UFC match and live stream it in your favorite device in HD quality.

Steps To Watch UFC on Kodi :

  • Enable installation from Unknown Sources from the General Settings of your device.

  • Then from the main menu of your Kodi, go to the System Settings by clicking on the gear icon.

  • Then click from the options that will appear, click on File Manager.

  • Select the Add Source option.

  • Then for the Media Source, select the option NONE.

  • Next copy and paste the URL: as the location for media source.

  • Name the file source Supremacy and click OK.

  • Again, return to the main menu and click on Add-ons.

  • Select the Add on Installer package by clicking on the box icon on the left column.

  • Then select the option Install from zip file.

  • From the list of files that will appear, scroll and select the option Supremacy.

  • Then select the option and click on Ok. Now your add-on will install automatically.

  • Return to the main menu and select Add-ons.

  • Click on Enter Add-on Browser.

  • Next select Install From Repository.

  • From the options, select Supremacy.

  • Select Video Add-ons.

  • A list will appear. Scroll down and click Planet MMA from the options.

  • Click on Install from the bottom-right corner.

  • Once again, return to the main menu and click on Add-ons.

  • Click on Planet MMA. A list of options of content will appear.

  • Click on UFC Fight Nights to start live streaming the match. You can watch different types of UPS matches through this add-on.


So you if you are a UFC fan, then watching all the matches through a good sports Kodi add-on is the best option. You can watch the previous matches or live-stream the upcoming matches in HD quality. For more information, feel free to leave your suggestions and queries in the box below and we will be happy to help.

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