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Thank you for being interested in posting your article with us. You can write an article on HowToWikki to:

  • Increase awareness about your brand or service by posting “How To” article
  • Drive quality traffic to your website

Why choose HowToWikii to Guest Post?

Domain rating of HowtoWikii website from ahrefs

1. Hight Domain Authority

We leverage DA 32 according to ahrefs

2. High-Quality Traffic

More than 70% of our traffic is organic

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3. Access to WordPress Dashboard

You will be able to publish, edit and delete your posts any time after your profile is approved

More Questions

Do you have specific requirements to write an article?

Yes. As we strive to provide our readers with the best experience, your article has to be:

  • unique. Copied or duplicated articles will be sent to trash. We encourage you to check the plagiarism of your post using tools like plagiarismdetector and smallseotools. Make sure they are at least 90% unique.
  • informative. It has to provide readers with a solution or instructions on how to use a specific service
  • has SEO-friendly titles. Read more about titles here.
  • with title starts with “How to”

What is the process to post an article?

Register as a Blogger and you are ready to publish. You will have control of whether to publish immediately or save your blog as a draft. After you publish, we will review your post and make sure it matches the requirements.

How much is the registration fee? and why are you charging fees?

Subscription fee is as small as $2 for Bloggers per week. You can cancel anytime and your articles will remain on the website.

We charge this small fee for 2 reasons:

  1. To make sure we are attracting qualified, serious bloggers and keep spammers away.
  2. To help the admin keep the website running.

After I submit my blog, how much time it takes to be published?

You can publish it immediately. We will review it in 3 days and will let you know if you need to update it.

If my blogs are trashed, do I get a refund?

No. To ensure good user experience and to optimize our resources, we won’t issue refunds for rejected posts.

Your articles won’t be trashed unless it includes false or misleading information. In most cases, we will reach out to you with the needed updates before we decide to trash any blogs.

We consider Bloggers as partners. We wanted to charge this small fee to make sure we work with serious bloggers.

How can I make sure my post will not be removed?

As long as your post is informative, SEO friendly and starts with “How to”, it will not be removed.

We will be happy to see you onboard

Should you need any help, send us a line


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